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Rue (Ruby) Passeri

Head Sculpt:
  • Face-up artist(s):
    from another DOA member
    Reason for choice:
    I loved her cute expression
    Best Points:
    Her hands pose and move very well
    Worst Points:
    Her legs and ankles are very weak and wobbly
  • Character age:
    Character gender:
    Offsite roleplay:
    This doll's character is not available for offsite roleplay.
    Name: Rue Passeri - Full name Ruby

    D.O.B/Age: 25 born on May 28th (Gemini)

    Occupation: Head Librarian

    Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

    Relationship Status: Married to Corvus Viddae


    Likes: Books, Wine, Corvus’ bubble butt

    Dislikes: Messy people, vulgar jokes, smell of tobacco

    Ruby had always been a bit of a bookworm, and her frizzy red hair and freckles made her stand out. The attention wasn’t welcome to a girl with her nose stuck deep in a book. Kids can be cruel, and they were. “Four eyes.” “Ruby-booty.” “Fire-Crotch.” The names kept coming, and it was part of why she switched her name, just Rue now. Some things didn’t change, and her love of reading never faded. She devoured new books with a voracious appetite, reading page after page, and able to recall their contents at the drop of a hat. The easiest way to get Rue talking is to ask her opinion on a book she read.

    Her only friend growing up was her twin sister, Robin. Robin who was much better at straightening her hair, putting on make-up to hide her freckles, and at laughing off the teasing. Robin who doesn’t need glasses, and only reads at home when nobody else is around to tease. “Why can’t you be more like Robin, Ruby?”

    Rue seemingly leads a picture-esque life aside from her lack of a social life. Her father runs the Polaris newspaper, and her mother stayed at home taking care of the girls, teaching them how to cook and clean, and instilling in her daughters her own ideals: to marry up and be a good housewife.

    Rue never wanted to be just a housewife. Now, she works in the government sector of Polaris as the head librarian and handles the book keeping and records that are stored there. She has also employed a page boy named Vireo who assists her with re-stocking, and various other odd-jobs. One thing it seems Rue took to heart though? Marry up. It seems she has done just that, and snagged herself Polaris’ most eligible and sought after man, the Captain of the Guard, Corvus Viddae.

    Now the tables have turned. Robin is the single one, and Rue feels like for once, she’s finally gotten something that her sister can’t compete with. Even if there are rumors about her and Corvus’ younger brother Enzo flying around the hospital. She won’t marry him. That would be weird. After all, now they are brother and sister in-law. “Why can’t you be more like Rue, Robin?”

    When Rue is shown documents and records that were hidden from her, documents that shake the very foundation of Polaris what will she do? Does she keep her head down and play the role of a doting simple wife? Or does she rise up and join the revolution that will change Polaris forever?


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