Head Sculpt:
Little Elva ♂
  • Face-up artist(s):
    Date of acquisition:
    Purchased directly from DreamingDoll.
    Reason for choice:
    His contagious smile!
    Best Points:
    Like I said, have you seen that grin?! I mean, really.
    Worst Points:
    He's shorter than I would have liked (42cm).
    I've been told Rune looks like a young Taylor Hanson, but the resemblance is 100% coincidental... I swear!

  • Eyes:
    12mm Silent Paradise Real Type #6
    6-7" F-Style JD047 in Dark Gold
    Favourite colours:
    Yellow, blue, and green---particularly emerald.
    Fashion style(s):
    Playful Peasant!
    Key fashion accessory:
    The plague-bag he wears around his neck.
    As far as Rune is concerned, society puts too great an emphasis on clothes. Even as a child he was an exhibitionist in the making, running around his house without breeches and taking midnight dips in the buff!
  • Name story:
    ||: Troth :||
    Character age:
    21 (♈)
    Character gender:
    Offsite roleplay:
    This doll's character is not available for offsite roleplay.
    The son of an impoverished chandler, Rune is a warrior at heart. He was born during the 16th century, sent off to fulfill an apprenticeship at the age of ten so his parents would have one less mouth to feed. While under his master's care, he began embracing his love of nature---from growing patches of vergissmeinnicht to befriending his trusty steed, Ferdinand.

    Rune spends his free time fishing and daydreaming about German heroes of legend. Behind closed doors, however, he's a visionary plotting a revolution to aid his fellow peasants.

    Likes: Animals, cabbage soup, and springtime.
    Dislikes: Clothing, tyranny, and broken promises.

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