Head Sculpt:
Old Iplehouse Super Hero body -- modded with Soom Monzo legs and custom hands
  • Face-up artist(s):
    Me (Lomi / Myuuchan)
    Body blushing artist(s):
    Me (Lomi / Myuuchan)
    Modifications artist(s):
    Me (Lomi / Myuuchan, face and body) and GarekiPhoenix (Face only)
    Date of acquisition:
    February 4, 2010
    Purchased directly from Iplehouse. Soom Monzo leg parts acquired via split through DoA marketplace.
    Reason for choice:
    When I decided to get my first doll, Iplehouse was really the only game in town for realistic muscular guys. The Super Hero body was also the only option, and the only heads available were Akando, Evan, and Luo. Of the choices, Luo was most mature, so worked best for my purposes. He's since had a great deal of modification done to his face to make him a better fit.
    Best Points:
    The more realistic, smooth musculature of the EID Super Hero body makes him look big and fit but not dehydrated, like is so often seen with muscular dolls.
    Worst Points:
    The old EID joints are aaaawful. Combining clunky joints with mods never works well, so while I've made great strides with him, the poseability of his legs in particular leaves a great deal to be desired. He's also fairer than the character actually is; he should be realskin resin, but that option was not available for basic dolls until well after his purchase.
    My first, oldest and favorite doll. I saved for 16 months to be able to bring him home. Chosen to represent my favorite character from my (yet unpublished) epic fantasy series.
    Rune has had an extensive amount of modification work done on him, starting with heavy facial mods to make him look more similar to my concept of the character, but inspired by his face-first dive off a table that left him with damage to his nose and chin.
    His face was expertly reshaped by GarekiPhoenix (who specializes in extreme garage kit modifications but was eager to barter her sculpting and modification skills in return for my sewing abilities) using both additive and subtractive modifications.
    All other customization, from mods to face-up and blushing to clothing, was completed by me.

    His entire customization project was chronicled in a series of videos on YouTube, which you can view here: Rune's customization - YouTube

    Special thanks for this project goes to Ash for letting me continually pick her brain for information on materials, techniques, mechanics and paints, PrincessEv for putting up with me constantly talking about this doll project and nothing else for like a year and spamming her with pictures when she was at work, everyone who joined me on YouTube and shared nothing but encouragement, and my husband and dad for financing the whole crazy thing... especially my husband, who never got mad even once when I spilled Bondo all over the kitchen counter and floor and we had to evacuate the house until it cured and aired out.

    It's still there.
  • Eyes:
    Custom Ersa Flora resin and glass glow-in-the-dark purple, designed by me
    Brown alpaca, handmade by me
    Favourite colours:
    He prefers blues, black and silver.
    Fashion style(s):
    Key fashion accessory:
    His sword!
    Largely fantasy, though he's got some casual modern-day clothes just because. Mostly he's a big hot mess when he's not in his fancy clothing and armor I spent a year making.
  • Name story:
    He's named for the scar in his left hand; it's not his birth name, of course.
    Character age:
    Approx. 31 pents (Around 155 human years)
    Character gender:
    Offsite roleplay:
    This doll's character is not available for offsite roleplay.
    A mage whose uncontrollable magic turned him into a monster, Rune is the angry and jaded lead of an epic fantasy series still in querying stages because most agents think epic fantasy is "too long."
    He hungers for a place to fit into the world, desiring a cure that will change him to a normal man, but is torn between finding it and using his unique power to leave a mark in the world.
    More information on his story, including some shorts available for reading, can be found on my website: Ithilear - Birthed by Dreams
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