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[ s a m p l e ]

Head Sculpt:
Miyu (teeth mod)
  • Face-up artist(s):
    Body blushing artist(s):
    Modifications artist(s):
    Me (harness on the leg and teeth mod)
    Tattoo artist(s):
    Date of acquisition:
    Head: 23.03.2017 Body: 28.09.2016
    Bought from a friend
    Reason for choice:
    I wanted to re-shell her character in to a Minifee body for posing and changeable hands
    Best Points:
    changeable hands, working mobility joints
    Worst Points:
    the head is kind of a huge compared to the body
    [ s a m p l e ] is written on her chest.

    She was never given a proper name because there was no one else like her in the Laboratory. It, that, unit, sample, nao, subject, item... all these words could be used and everyone would know what they were supposed to pick up from the storage. On the surface she was just like any other living person; made from meat and bone, nervous system and her heart pumped blood through her veins. But she was never born - she was Created by Illusion Creator and she had no soul. She was a shadow, an imitation of life, friction in time to keep Cycle flowing.

    Her only purpose in life was to serve as a test subject in the Laboratory for the researchers: "What will human body endure before dying?". And she had been subject for that study for decades. Because she was not "real" researchers didn't need to worry about causing her pain: They could throw her off the cliff, skin her alive, dig her eyes out, stab her... and they could keep doing this over and over and over again in the name of science - because they could always inject her with various drugs and liquids that boosted her regeneration, so she could even grow missing limbs back.

    In the beginning, they would even erase her past experiences from her mind. So she wouldn't remember the pain from the previous tests: it might affect the test results after all. But somewhere along the years they noticed that whether or not she remembered what happened yesterday would not affect the test results. Researchers then made the final decision that her memory didn't need to be wiped after every test: She was not "really" alive so the pain she suffered was not real either (other way she would have gone insane, right?). They then came to a final conclusion that it was merely their humane empathy towards human-like existence that was hurting - not the subject itself.

    So after the early stages of her ego were no longer being reset after every test, she began to wonder why she had to go through all that pain, while men in the white coat were looking at her with excitement like every scream that escaped her lips was fiction for them. While to her, it was everything she knew. But she couldn't understand what made her so different from those men. If she was created to feel pain and hunger, why was she only destined to feel them for study? Why was her whole existence created if none of it belonged to her and she had no say over herself?

    No one was expecting that she might try to escape so she was never under much surveillance (expect in the test room). However, one day, she does the impossible and walks away. Unable to really understand it herself, she walks and walks 'till her legs bleed and she stumbles down. She is exhausted from hunger and pain but she feels completely new feeling that she can't decipher. She breathes cold air in her lungs that is filled with all the new scents she has never experienced before. She is free. She is smiling. For the first time she understands that feeling of "happiness" that researchers had on their face when a test was a "success" with her. So she is happy, huh?

    Later she is found and taken in by another Nao Unit (L -class, 375), Lucas. When Lucas asks for her name, she only tilts her head and asks: "What is a name?". Taken aback, Lucas explains it to her but she is still confused. She has no idea but then she remembers letter that are written on her chest. She stretches her collar and replies that her name must be "sample". Lucas tried to correct her but seeing how happy her tiny cousin was to finally have a name, he decided to go along with it (he calls her "Sam" as her secret name, since he can not shake of the feeling and meaning that "sample" bears.)
  • Eyes:
    14mm low-dome glass eyes (Black)
    Custom Alpaca wig made by me
    Favourite colours:
    Clear and Strong colors.
    Fashion style(s):
    She uses big tops and small bottoms and always travels bare foot.
    Key fashion accessory:
    She often wears big hooded tunics or short dresses with either shorts or bloomers. She likes to travel bare legs and rarely wears socks (partially because her prosthetic leg has details that look awkward with pants,but more because she loves the sense of ground under her feet) Her hair is often wild and messy because she doesn't see why she should do anything about it (she wears hoods anyway)
  • Name story:
    [ s a m p l e ] is written on her chest so she thinks that it must be her name
    Character age:
    She was created about 37 years ago, but appears to be around 14-year-old
    Character gender:
    She is genderless but she identifies as a female.
    Offsite roleplay:
    This doll's character is not available for offsite roleplay.
    -Distant and kinda disconnected from reality.
    -She has no strong desires towards anything, yet she talks strongly and always says what is on her mind.
    -She does not hide anything even if it puts her in the bad light.
    -She likes sun because it "makes her skin feel funny".
    -Lucas is the only other existence [sample] considers as someone special - something between Lover and a Sibling to her "soul".
    -She lost her right leg when she escaped from the Laboratory but Laeh created her a prosthetic.
  • Current Sculpt: Minifee Miyu (with teeth mod by me)


    Old Sculpt : (Elf Yder)



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