Satoru Nomura

Head Sculpt:
Volks F16
Normal Skin
Migidoll BNB 16th body
  • Face-up artist(s):
    Reason for choice:
    After trying several different molds, I settled on Ryu because it's similar to my drawing style so I was sure I could make it work for the character.
    Best Points:
    Perfect match for my aesthetic taste
    Worst Points:
    A bit heavy, which makes posing more difficult
    He's got some scarring on the face that is not immediately apparent, and some of which is hidden behind his hair.
  • Eyes:
    16mm Green glass (unknown maker)
    Cut/styled Monique Pretty Girl in off black
    Favourite colours:
    Key fashion accessory:
    Black coat
    He prefers to wear neutral colors, like black and white.
  • Name story:
    I was in High School, I just went through a list of Japanese names and found one I liked.
    Character age:
    Character gender:
    Offsite roleplay:
    This doll's character is not available for offsite roleplay.
    Satoru is an overly serious individual, usually too caught up in the moment to realize when someone is trying to be humorous. (Except Damien, but he's come to expect it from Damien, the difficult part is realizing when Damien is serious.) He tends to have little patience for those who don't take things as seriously as he does, though that's mostly because it's frustrating to continually attempt to decipher them.

    He also has little patience for etiquette (not to be confused with discipline). He doesn't enjoy sugar coating things for politeness nor to spare feelings, it feels too close to politicking. Thus he is rather blunt, he is the type of person who doesn't waste time worrying over how he comes across to others. There's a reason why Damien always makes sure Satoru never negotiates anything.

    Satoru is a man of action, and unafraid to step in and do the dirty work; especially when that's what needs to be done to get things moving. He works best behind the scenes, where he can move unhampered by the attention of others. He has no desire for his accomplishments to be recognized by others, just seeing the results is enough.

    He overestimates himself. And for the most part, he's never been called on it. But when he does get called on it, shit gets bad fast. He is stubborn and set in his own strict outlook on life. He is so caught up in his own code that when things catch him by surprise, he fails to react adequately and sometimes can even fall apart. As a thinker and observer, he is usually good at reading situations and anticipating, so this is a flaw that doesn't work against him as much as it could.

    He has always been in a position where his family expected nothing less than perfection, and he has never really managed it. When it comes to his family he's resigned to it, although unhappy, but he hyper focuses on not failing in other aspects of his life. Such as his career, and the few social contacts he maintains.

    He tends to come off cold or callous, Satoru has never quite become comfortable with expressing the warmer or more positive aspects of his personality/feelings.
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