Satoshi Shinomori

Head Sculpt:
SD13 FO-02 Tabi feet, L-02 long leg, H-04 hands
  • Face-up artist(s):
    Date of acquisition:
    12th May 2009
    via Proshippingjp (eBay) directly from Volks Sato
    Reason for choice:
    face sculpt
    Best Points:
    face sculpt
    His father is Japanese, his mother Irish.

    Likes: nature, meditation, Kyudo, playing the piano, listening to Beethoven, Chopin and Enka music
    Dislikes: large cities, noise, racism

    Personality: Satoshi is a very calm and kind person. He is very intelligent and a good listener. Usually he is quite severe but he can also enjoy fun. It's not easy - almost impossible - to enrage or upset him, he is very understanding. He loves the nature, likes to meditate and he is able to communicate with deceased people. 3943444947_a9186d6e7f_o.jpg
  • Eyes:
    18/9mm Volks GE-23 Indigo Grey
    W-94-D Mid-Length Shaggy 27
  • Offsite roleplay:
    This doll's character is not available for offsite roleplay.
    At the age of 14 Satoshi almost died at a car accident. He was on a trip together with his elder brother when a drunk driver crashed frontal into their car. For a while Satoshi was clinically dead. His brother died of fatal injury at the place of the accident while the drunk driver nearly got a scratch. For a few minutes Satoshi experienced his own death, where his brother was already waiting for him. His brother smiled at him and told him he is doing well and that he had to move on now. Satoshi's brother also begged him to forgive the driver, because it was not his fault, he was just living his destined plan to be the activator for this accident to end his life in the material world on exactly this day. For Satoshi there is still much to be done, so he sent his brother back to life.

    Since his near-death experience Satoshi got the ability to see deceased people and communicate with them. Usually it works during lucid dreams and medidation, but he also got direct contact some times.

    Six years ago he had the first contact to Masami (my Volks SD17 Genji), a lost soul who still hasn't found his way to move to the higher astral levels. Masami got to be his close friend and used to be always at his side. Due their numerous long discussions they got to know each other the best and their friendship developed. Their love grew stronger every day. Although Satoshi loved his friend so much and wanted to be with him forever, he accepted the thought that the only way to bring happiness to Masami was, to help him move on to the astral levels where he usually should have arrived after death. Satoshi was ready to do everything he could to help his friend. He contacted Masami's soul guide. The guide welcomed Satoshi and thanked him for living his plan to arrive at the point his life was destinated. He was the only one to get in contact with Masami and heal his soul from the pain of his last incarnation. Thanks to Satoshi's help the poor soul of Masami was purified now and the guide suggested two ways for him now: Masami could move to the higher astral levels now, and be prepared for reincarnation on day. Or he could directly join the material world again due an atypical incarnation. But this life would be more tougher and much more painful compared to his last one. Against Satoshi's protests Masami settled for the second suggestion in order to be together with his love.
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