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Sawyer Colburn

Head Sculpt:
Loongsoul 73.5cm Boy Body (B-B73-01)
  • Face-up artist(s):
    Date of acquisition:
    August 17, 2017
  • Key fashion accessory:
  • Character gender:
    Offsite roleplay:
    This doll's character is not available for offsite roleplay.
    Nearly everything Sawyer does, it’s to have a good time. He ran away from home in a small town as a teenager, ending up in the large city of Los Dios without a penny to his name. It was there he was nearly killed during a shoot-out between two rival gangs, but his life was saved by a very attractive young man named Colt. Having nowhere else to go, he followed Colt back and joined the gang he was a part of, and from there they became fast friends.

    Sawyer is almost always filled with boundless energy, which sometimes makes him a walking disaster thanks to him being so damn tall. When he first meets someone he can act like a complete idiot just for a laugh, but he’s actually a lot smarter than he tends to let on. He rarely takes anything seriously and would rather goof off than do any actual work, but for Colt he would do anything. Although in a rather heated “friends with benefits” relationship with Colt, he desperately wants something more, but Colt outright refuses to return any sort of romantic gesture.

    When a man named Lee joins the gang, Sawyer falls head over heels for him. Lee is mostly annoyed by his sudden infatuation and ridiculous antics, but eventually he does warm up to Sawyer and agrees to date him. The two end up being inseparable and Sawyer stops sleeping with Colt, now dreaming happily about what future he might have with Lee. After being together for several years, Sawyer begins to toy with the idea if leaving behind the gang lifestyle and settling down with who he hopes to be his future husband.

    However, things take a turn for the dreadful when Colt antagonizes a rival gang leader, and during the resulting shoot-out, Lee is killed. Fueled by grief and rage, Sawyer goes on a several week long rampage that wrecks the rival gang, tearing it apart until nothing is left. He’s unsatisfied with his victory, however, and shifts the blame for Lee’s death onto Colt. He quietly seethes for months, during which he also starts to reflect on his life and what to make of it now that Lee is gone. Rather than giving up on it, he decides he still wants to do something useful. He aspires to eliminate gang activity from Los Dios so that gang violence might become a thing of the past.

    Violence was the only thing he knew for so long, and it was the only thing Sawyer knew how to use to dethrone Colt and his siblings. Sawyer manages to rally others to his side and overthrows Colt, Bruce, and Mel in a violent coup, ending in the death of the Hargraves. Although he believes he killed them for the greater good, that doesn’t stop him from holding onto his regrets, but he tries to stay focused on making Los Dios a better place. Change doesn’t happen overnight, but as the years pass with Sawyer in charge of Genesis, it slowly begins to morph into a more legitimate business that he uses to try and improve the lives of the people who live in the city. He hires many new people and buys up smaller companies as Genesis expands to have multiple branches of business, including fashion lines and records labels.

    These days Sawyer continues to put up a facade of fun-loving and energetic, doing his best to stay as far away from the topic of his past as he can. He engages in new friendships easily but no relationship gets much more serious than that. He is extremely hesitant when it comes to anything romantic, terrified of feeling as though he is replacing Lee.
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