Sebastian Maddox

Head Sculpt:
Cynical Yujin
Spiritdoll Proud
  • Face-up artist(s):
    Directly from migidoll and popodoll
    Reason for choice:
    His intense gaze
    Best Points:
    Versatile face, body has nice collar bones.
    Worst Points:
    Upper torso doesnt allow slouch
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    Character gender:
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    This doll's character is not available for offsite roleplay.
    Name: Sebastian Maddox

    D.O.B/Age: 34 born on November 10th (Scorpio)

    Occupation: Thief

    Sexual Orientation: Pansexual / Demiromantic

    Relationship Status: Taken by Avian Belasko


    Likes: Spicy foods, black coffee, sleeping

    Dislikes: Hospitals, needles, chemical scents

    Sebastian was once a happy young boy with rosy cheeks and doting parents. His folks were an unconventional pair, a thief and a whore. But they were happy, and that was what mattered. Their little family was a beacon in a world of darkness; Sebastian became an unexpected blessing in a world that offered only misery for them. It seemed life was taking a turn for the better when another little boy was born years later. They named him Atlas. He was a big brother! Happiness and laughter filled their home and their lives, but happiness never lasts long in Polaris.

    Children were stolen in the night. Sebastian was one of them, whisked away to a government facility to become a lab rat. Why they only took him, he would never know. There were other children where he was taken. They looked frightened in the cold tiled room, big eyes with fat tears dripped down their dirty faces. Most were from poor families like his. They all wanted to go home. None of them would.

    Soon, the children were separated; each was given a special glass room of their own. It was impossible not to hear their sobs, cries of pain, and whimpers echo against the padded walls at night. Sebastian stayed silent as they wrenched his neck to the side, the sharp intimidating needle plunging into his temple. It burned like fire, made his mouth open in a scream that never made any noise at all. This was just the beginning.

    His only comfort was across the hall from him; another boy who gave bloody smiles, and laughed at Sebastian’s bad jokes. It seemed even in a place like this, hope could survive. They’d press their hands to the glass that separated them, confide in one another through heated whispers and smudged scribbles against the glass. Avian Belasko was his name.

    The torture was endless, test after test was performed. It became startling clear that nobody would save him, nobody was coming to save either of them. Sebastian grew volatile, dangerous as he grew older and his hope grew weaker. Too many children had died, unmoving little bodies under bloodied sheets that never came back. He wouldn’t be one of them and he wouldn’t let Avian be one of them. Scientist after scientist were injured and maimed upon entering his room, and his death count rose.

    The tests grew more vigorous, he was deprived of food, sleep, even human contact. Finally, opportunity presented itself, and the alarms blared as he risked his life to escape with Avian. Blood filled the hallway, made their hands stick together as they fled the facilities. The path through the woods was wet from the recent rain, treacherous and slick. It was a miracle that they’d gotten this far. What happened next would haunt Sebastian until he took his last breath; he had left Avian behind.

    Avian had fell off the side of the path, feet skidding until he tumbled head over heels; his descent was only halted by the impact of his head against a tree. The crack had been so loud. Sebastian had stood up and rushed to him, he was alive, but there was no way he could carry him out. There were dogs on his tail. He had a choice. Stay and die with Avian, or run and survive. Survive. He ran.

    Sebastian knew Avian was likely dead. When he’d returned to see if he was still hidden, he was nowhere to be found. Gone, just like that. He’d had him in his arms, and then he was gone, because he’d abandoned him. Sebastian’s guilt felt like it would devour him whole, he would never forgive himself. At least, that’s what he thought until the day he saw Avian again, smiling as he helped others in a shabby little clinic. He thought he knew heartbreak before. He was wrong. Sebastian’s heart shattered at the confusion in his eyes, and at the innocence in Avian’s question, “I’m sorry – who are you?”


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