Seo Joon

Head Sculpt:
Summer 17 event
Motion-line boy
  • Face-up artist(s):
    Eludys (received May 2020)
    Date of acquisition:
    Sept. 27th, 2017 (head)
    I am the first owner of this event head via DDE layaway. The body came secondhand from the DOA marketplace in 2019. He was received in brand new, never played with condition. Even though they were made years apart, because I kept the head stores safely, the resin match is perfect!
    Reason for choice:
    This guy was definitely a crime of opportunity. I got the event head with a Fairyland order and didn't really know what I wanted to do with it. I saw that a lot of Summer 17's were being made up female but to me the sculpt has a certain androgynous quality and I thought it'd be fun to develop a male character.
    Best Points:
    He poses so well!
    Worst Points:
    His shoulders look weird to me but he's not naked too often.
  • Eyes:
    smoldering cyan from Sophie Toy Paradise on etsy
    Favourite colours:
    he's color blind
  • Name story:
    I wanted his look to be a bit like a k-pop idol so he's named after a character from one of my favorite k-dramas.
    Character age:
    young adult
    Character gender:
    Offsite roleplay:
    This doll's character is not available for offsite roleplay.
    He's still in development but I thought it'd be fun to have a time traveler in my crew. He has a cute lil barcode tattooed on his face and I think it's for id scan when he leaps. In the future, time travel is like nbd but everyone is scanned before and after and extensive logs are kept. I think that maybe he's a fugitive or something for some reason so he's on the lam. I think since Clover is essentially immortal and this guy is a proficient time traveler that maybe they always manage to find each other and have a platonic intimacy, a connection that isn't romantic or sexual but just an understanding of each other. Like, when they hang out, they don't even really have to talk, they just enjoy one another's presence.
  • [​IMG]
    l really should shop for his eyes ^_^'

    my favorite outfit for him!
    Be To Be shirt, Dollmore pants, Sophie's Toy Paradise shoes​
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