Silas Incanto

Head Sculpt:
Luts Senior Delf
  • Face-up artist(s):
    Body blushing artist(s):
    Date of acquisition:
    January 2010
    First owner of both head and body.
  • Eyes:
    14mm blue (offbrand)
    Leeke World
  • Offsite roleplay:
    This doll's character is not available for offsite roleplay.
    Titles: His Most Imperial Majesty, King Silas I of Elaris
    Nicknames: The Bastard King (never to his face)
    Age: 31

    Birthplace Sondir, the Callentine, Elaris.
    Affiliation Elaris

    Significant Other: Laira Incanto (wife)
    Family: Leora Incato (daughter)
    Other key Relationships: Gnaeus Ferlae (chief of military); Remiel Westphaelian (bodyguard)

    History: The eldest of six children born to the royal family, Silas was the illegitimate son of the Queen. Abandoned by his mother shortly after birth, he was raised by his father, a troubadour. He fell in love with the bohemian lifestyle that came from constant moving, making music and acting. His skill with the guitar and his singing voice ensured there was always a part for him in whatever production his father's troupe was staging.

    A carefree spirit who tried his damndest to stay away from conflict, he was perfectly content to live a relatively anonymous life with his father's troupe, and always dreaded the summons that would periodically order him back into his royal mother's presence.

    His life was thrown into turmoil when a military coup took the lives of his royal relatives, leaving Silas the only surviving heir to the throne of Elaris. He was forced to flee for his life, accompanied by Gnaeus Ferlae (a then-captain of the Elite Guard, and Laira, a servant from his royal family's household).

    The decision to fight for the throne was the most difficult he ever made, and it was task he was reluctant to undertake. Backed by the Elite and Outer Guards, Silas eventually became King. Ever since, he was ruled with a fairness and wisdom beyond his years, and has done much to restore peace to the Empire, both within its borders and along the outermost territories, where wars were frequent. He has even attempted to broker a peace treaty with Elaris’s greatest enemy, the Empire of Veraesia—though that particular endeavour fell apart when one of the envoys (the same Gnaeus Ferlae responsible for his rescue) he sent to the rival Emperor returned with the Emperor’s half-sister, against her royal brother’s wishes.

    He is loved by the people, who see him as the most fair and honest ruler in centuries; and hated by the aristocracy, who strongly opposed him due to his illegitimacy and refer to him as "The Bastard King."

    He is also notoriously at odds with the newly-appointed General of the Elite Guard, Gnaeus Ferlae, on whom he must rely for the nation’s defense. It is well-known that Gnaeus was lovers with Silas's wife Laira before the two were married, and rumors persist that it is Gnaeus, not Silas who is the father of Laira's child. Still, both men are experts at presenting a unified front when in public.
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