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Head Sculpt:
68 cm - 1/3
  • Face-up artist(s):
    Gabriel Archangel
    Body blushing artist(s):
    Reason for choice:
    He spoke to me when I saw him and I have loved him since
    Best Points:
    the eyes and nose
    Worst Points:
    31948057_10211772478494853_4076503621280202752_n.jpg 31948057_10211772478494853_4076503621280202752_n.jpg I am his second Mom and I got him March 2015
  • Eyes:
    one Blue and one purple
    usually blue or purple but naturally black
    Favourite colours:
    Blues and Purples... Black and Silver
    Fashion style(s):
    modern punk, or Joseon era
  • Name story:
    I love the sky and it went with the Korean name I had also pick for him
    Byeong - bright, luminous, glorious and Ho - summer, sky, heaven
    Character age:
    almost 675 years old in present
    Character gender:
    Offsite roleplay:
    This doll's character is not available for offsite roleplay.
    Long ago in the Joseon time period, when Yokwe (monsters), and Gwishin (ghost) were free to roam, which caused humans to become hunters and to start appearing around the forests to hunt them, there was a old Kimiho life pair that had yet to be blessed with any children. They had tried many different things to have at least one child that would be able to carry on their line for they were getting too tired of dealing with the humans yelling and cursing them. One day the life pair ran into Haetae ,an old friend of theirs, that would grant them their wish but under the condition that ”the child was to be raised that of a protector of the humans and that he was not to harm them”. A few months later the life pair was gifted with that of a baby boy, his coloring was that of black and silver. Which surprised the life pair for none of their siblings nor the families have ever had those coloring they are usually reds and oranges and the other very surprising feature of the boy was his eyes he had one purple and on blue, not that of the regular browns or yellows. The life pair figured that his colors were from the fact that he was a gift from their friend and that he was meant to do great things. The life pair decided to name their son Byeong Ho (Byeong - bright, luminous, glorious and Ho - summer, sky, heaven). When, Byeong Ho became of age to start learning he learned everything at a fast pace and he even became friends fast with humans and the supernatural, his parents were proud of him and knew that Haetae would be proud of how Byeong Ho treated and cared for anyone or anything.

    Though soon after, Byeong Ho’s 10th year, hunters of the supernatural realm started appearing to take out those that were not like them or those that would terrify humans. The hunters ended up chasing the life pair into a corner and killing them. Byeong Ho saw this and wanted to take revenge on the hunters for what they did, but feeling the pain that Byeong Ho was feeling, Haetae was able to find and stop Byeong Ho before he was able to do harm to the hunters or to himself. Haetae decided that Byeong Ho should come and live with him in the mountains to find peace with in himself and resolve so that when Byeong Ho was old enough he would be able to go and live in a human village.

    15 years past, and Byeong Ho was now an adult. With the knowledge and wisdom that he learn from his master Haetae over those years. Byeong Ho no longer wanted petty revenge he now felt sorrow for the humans that felt like they had to kill those that are not like them. He wanted to bring a new light on the humans but he also knew that change can not happen overnight but he hoped that someday Humans and the Supernatural would be able to live in harmony once again. Byeong Ho decided he wanted to stay with his master for a little longer just to make sure he was totally done with his training.

    Byeong Ho, left the mountains in his 27th year and returned the valley. In the 17 years that he had been gone a lot of changes had happened. More humans and buildings had appeared and more forest had be cut away leaving the ground crying. Byeong Ho, being a Kimiho, was able to give the forest some comfort with his touch and whispers but nothing more. Byeong Ho decide to live in the forest under the cover of the trees and not within the village for he was not totally trusting of the huts that the humans had built. He liked be able to lay in the trees and watch the sky for which he was named for, also with his two different colored eyes it made him an easy target for remarks of distrust and rumours. Also with the Kimiho heritage he was many times more handsome than most of the men in the village and so all the ladies wanted to be with him and that caused problems with the other men as well, so the forest was a safe place for him to be able to hide away and stay unless he wanted to be around the humans. Byeong Ho, did however fall in love with one of the many women that lived in the village she lived in the nicest of huts as well as being the daughter of the head of the village. Ha-Yun was her name, she was the only daughter of the family and so her father only wanted the best for her and Byeong Ho was not the man the father wanted for his daughter. Ha-Yun and Byeong Ho did go out and wander the forest even when her father asked her not to go. Within a few years Ha-Yun and Byeong Ho did have a private ceremony and ran into the forest. Byeong Ho never told Ha-Yun what he was, because he thought that Ha-Yun loved him for him. It sadly was not true, hunters came into the village and found them in the forest and brought them in front of Ha-Yun’s father and to make it easier to get Byeong Ho to go the village the hunters swiped the blade in the direction of the Ha-Yeunt o which made Byeong Ho go into the direct line and get his right eye slashed by the sword. Her father claimed that Byeong Ho had kidnapped and put under his spell as well forcing his daughter’s hand, Ha-Yun denied him until the hunter sliced Byeong Hoon on his shoulder, he then healed and turned into his true form his black and silver nine tails, claws, fangs and slitted eyes. The hunters had put a poison on the blade to turn him to what he truly was, and when he looked around what he saw in Ha-Yun face was that of utter terror and horror. When Byeong Ho saw the look in her eyes all he could do was flee before the hunters or Ha-Yun could do anything more to him. Byeong Ho did not ever go back to that village for the fear of his life and the life of the girl he loved. A couple months after he had left he heard that daughter of the Head of the Village committed suicide because she was pregnant with a monster. All Byeong Ho could do was cry and stay hidden. He went back to his master, Haetae, in the mountains not wanting to cause more pain to himself or to others. The last time he was seen by humans in the Joseon Dynasty was in his 45th year when he came down to show respect to the Head of Village when he past away and the lay flowers at Ha-Yun stone.

    620 ish years later
    - - to be continued
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