Soo Yeon

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    For centuries the Queen of the Forest had held sway, a great and shining tree of ivory and copper. She wore her dark-feathered foliage like a mangle, her vast skirt of roots swept wide over the forest floor as a legion of gem-spiders tended her, and willowy silver ladies attended her court.

    In the last age, a man had come to pay his respects to the great Queen, and from that day a small sapling of inspiration grew beside her. This sapling sang of the glories of the Queen, but sometimes it sang also of the man. This, the Queen sought to silence, pulling water away from the sapling with her powerful roots, and stretching her arms higher to snatch the sun away.

    Still the sapling sang, and dreamed, and whispered to the gem-spiders of humans, and they told her of the lands beyond the forest, of men and women.

    The Queen grew angry, shaking the forest in her wrath as the silver ladies screamed and cowered in fright. She swore to starve the sapling, but the sapling, full of hope and adoration not for the great old tree but for the creatures who walked, reached out and seized the Queen. Her small, wispy branches twisted together to form powerful arms, her roots becoming legs, and hand-over-hand she climbed the great Queen of the Forest, immune to all attempts to twist and strike her off.

    When finally the sapling broke through the ancient canopy, she stretched her arms to steal the sun from her mother. Bathed for the first time in its light, she glanced around herself and learned that the great forest was not so large after all.


    Exiled by the Queen, the faeblood would go on to make shy advances into the world of humans. She discovered that there were others who were bathed in the sun’s light, but they were afraid and did not trust her.

    They pushed her out of the bright world and into a strange, burning land of green. This was not the healthy emerald she knew, but a diseased and improper green that filled her with fear.

    The sapling fled to the embrace of a familiar creature – one who smelled of untamed forests, of dark earth, and cold stone. Her voice was the rustle of leaves and the crash of thunder, strong in love and in wrath. Frightened and alone, Soo-yeon buried herself in Gaia’s arms, and began to dream a new story.


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