Head Sculpt:
MSD M cute 43 cm
  • Reason for choice:
    Ahh.. it's a LOOONG story. Anyway, since the first time I saw Sun mold, he looked very similar to a dear person to me that it's also a Japanese artist. So I wanted buy him to make a cosplay of this Japanese artist. My dream didn't stop there. I want to go ahead. My dream was to show the doll directly to him in person! When he had a tour in Europe, I could really handle the doll to him dressed like him in the cosplay outfit and he tooks even a 2 photos with my Sun! eh eh ... MISSION COMPLETE! I really thanks God for this, because without Him I could not realize this dream! ❤
    Best Points:
    It's "SUN"! What do you want more? For me, one of the best cute doll on MSD size!! (I just wish I could get him with special face up "Sun Samurai"... I loved him. Anyway, since his face is simple, if you don't get a STRONG face up, probably this doll would seems 'nothing' special. He requires a lot of face up to show his BEAUTY!
    Worst Points:
    The eyes size. I wish his eyes were more big, in the sense that, his eyes still look 'big' in proportion of his head, but in the truth, it's his head that is a bit small compared normal MSD. So he can wears more small eyes compared typical MSD head. For this reason, some eyes may be too big for his orbits. Yet, probably he is more proportionated anyway. As are others MSD that usually have a head too much big! Migidoll head respect a lot the real proportion. After a while I didn't notice this anymore. But at first impact, his eyes opening and head seems so small xD
    20160922_020128.jpg It's..... THE SUN!
  • Eyes:
    Made by me
    Usually black or blonde (I wish to get a fur wig in blonde for him)
    Favourite colours:
    White, black, Light blue
    Fashion style(s):
    I don't have idea. I wish he would look very cute and ancient style like a prince.
    I'm still searching the right style for him. At first I wanted him modern like a J rock singer. But now I decided to clean his tattoos and make him more like a beautiful stunning prince. I want to get him a looong black wig and make him some tshirt blouse like prince wear....
  • Name story:
    At the beginning he was called S...ki. Then I changed name into Crystal. But from this he became SPINEL, in honour of MY FIRST male DOLL of my dreams (AN SD) that I could never really buy as he was really too big and expensive for me--- he was a Spinel from Soom. So, I decided to call him Spinel...
    Character age:
    Around 18
    Character gender:
    Sex: Male
    Offsite roleplay:
    This doll's character is not available for offsite roleplay.
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