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Doll Love
Head Sculpt:
Normal Pink
  • Date of acquisition:
    June 19, 2015
    Reason for choice:
    Tamashi was my first doll, what made be decide on him was his facial features. How his eyes seemed slanted, yet searching. Almost lost. He was perfect for me, the moment I saw him on Alice's Collections, I saved his tab. I looked at many others but finally decided on him. That immediate connection that I had, it's hard to explain. But it was there, it still is. He's my number one, and he'll always be my special boy ^_^
    Best Points:
    Doll Love's normal pink skin tone has a slight pale tone to it, which gathers more of my attention personally. I like the pale look. The joints make it very easy to pose the doll as well, they're single joints, but they're kind of longer than most, so they have a little more motion to them, but not as much as a double jointed doll. My favourite point about this doll, other than his face, are his hands. How they always seem to work with any pose. Relaxed and strong. I love it.
    Worst Points:
    He unfortunately doesn't lean very well during posing. His torso is top heavy, so if he begins to lean a little, he will fall over.
  • Eyes:
    EHA044 16mm (Black with grey irises)
    FW032 (Black fur wig)
    Favourite colours:
    Black, grey, white, silver, occasionally red and navy blue
    Fashion style(s):
    Visual Kei, Gothic, Punk
    Key fashion accessory:
    He always has a hat on, and his "Soul" necklace I made for him
  • Name story:
    Before I even thought about purchasing my first doll, I read about them. How they were made, and what was believed about them. The one thing that stuck out to me the most, was that it is believed that every doll has a soul. So with that, I named him "Tamashi" which translates to "Soul" from Japanese to English.
    Character age:
    The age that I have given him, is forever frozen in his 16th year.
    Character gender:
    Offsite roleplay:
    This doll's character is available for offsite roleplay.
    ~}{~ Basic Information ~}{~
    Name: Tamashi Higeki-tekina
    Age: Looks 16
    Nationality: Japanese Canadian
    Occupation: Retail
    Residence: Oshawa
    High School: O'Neil CVI
    Vehicle: 2014 Dodge Charger in Black

    Do not fear me... as I am no longer one of the living...

    ~}{~ The Tale ~}{~

    Just like every human, we are born into this world. Meant to live, learn, grow, make mistakes, laugh, cry, scream, hurt, and love... unfortunately some lives are cut short... or are they?

    June 19, 1942
    This is the first time I have used the Journal my Mother had gifted me for my twelfth birthday. A lot of time has passed since that time.

    Today I am sixteen, but I fear that instead of celebrations, there will be pain.

    My parents have fallen apart since the war between Germany and the rest of the world began, everyone like myself live in complete fear. I am afraid for my parents the most. I care very little for myself.

    My Mother has become ill and cannot move on her own, so I have taken it upon myself to hide her in the bunker behind our home. It is safer there she tells me. With her laying on the thin mattress I try to hide my tears. She tells me "Men are strong Tam, you are a man now."

    My Father is away fighting in the war, it has been months since his last letter home. My Mother thinks he still lives and fights for our Mother Country. But I fear that he is already gone...

    I do not morn so much for him sadly, for I am much more closer to my Mother. For I am her only son, her only child. So I must be strong for her.

    I must be strong... for myself.

    August 08, 1942
    I cannot believe it, my Mother is gone. Even though she lay peacefully on the bed in our bunker, where I thought she was safe.... she is gone.

    She must have flown to heaven in her sleep. Though I cannot help but cry. I am alone now.

    The city has been bombed, and all I can do is hide... Mother, are you happy in heaven? I hope Father is with you...

    I fear that... I might be there soon too...

    September 18, 1942


    June 19, 2015
    Where am I now? I feel strange. I do not remember anything after the sound of a high pitch squeal. Was it that of a bomb being dropped on my bunker? Where is my Mother?

    I do not understand my surroundings. Who are these people?

    Where am I?

    July 12, 2015
    A living doll... That is what they called me. I am at loss for words...

    The year is 2015, and I have been told that I was brought back from the dead, to live my life once more...

    Could it be witchcraft? I do not look as I did in my former life, no. I am taller than before, thinner, and what I am told, very "stylish." I am afraid I do not understand what is going on...

    My skin feels strange, almost plastic. I am told it is called "resin" it looks very soft, but is cool to the touch. I also seem to feel no pain, nor do I have the need to breathe, for I have no lungs... or any organs for that matter...

    What am I?

    August 29, 2015
    I am able to change my style very easily it seems. Even my hair styles, which are actually just wigs apparently... It is becoming quite the chore to understand everything properly, but I am learning...

    I can even change my eyes. To any colour that I desire, I can even have two different colours. It is rather interesting.

    I am still being monitored by these people; at least I think they are people... They seem kind in the least. Always asking how I am feeling, if I remember anything from my past life...

    The only things I remember are pain, loneliness, sadness, and loss. And what was written in a journal that once belonged to me...

    The people here gave it to me a few days ago, yet no matter how many times I read its pages... I cannot remember my parents, or my life...

    Why me?

    February 24, 2016
    I have been released and even given my own home. It is called an apartment, which is in a rather large building. I much prefer a house, but I cannot afford one yet.

    Through the people who seemed to have brought me back, I was also given a job, and a car. Which I had to learn to operate beforehand.

    I have even been admitted into a high school, in hopes to meet some others I can become friends with. Though I do not know how they will react to having a living doll for a friend...

    I am not a real person...

    ~}{~ The Living Doll ~}{~
    Being brought back from the Further is not an easy task. With a living host the soul can live once more, however the host will very quickly begin to die, as the soul with life has been removed.

    With recent discoveries in the world of the Supernatural, or the Paranormal, souls can be attached to objects. With this knowledge a few skilled Witches had decided to call a soul from the Further, a young soul with fear of being lost forever.

    With the collected soul the Witches implanted said soul into what is more commonly known as the Ball Jointed Doll. However most dolls are quite small, they took it upon themselves to craft a life size doll.

    Thus they created Tamashi Higeki-tekina. "Tragic Soul"

    He has no memory of his past life. Even with the journal, which was used to call his soul. He remembers nothing.

    Only his age, the feeling of loss, loneliness, sadness, and pain, and the name "Tam" of which the Witches used and expanded. He has been given the chance to live once more.

    With his soul implanted in the doll, he is able to move freely, however he cannot eat, drink, breathe, fall ill, bleed, or feel any physical pain.

    The idea of which was originated by Alchemists in the 1700s

    The Witches who rebirthed Tamashi are trying to help him to once again become one of the living. To complete his new life. Though the act has proven to be very... very difficult...

    ~}{~ Notes ~}{~
    1) Please be aware that I work Nights, and am only available mainly on weekends.
    2) I prefer to para roleplay.
    3) I would greatly appreciate proper spelling and grammar please.
    4) I will not participate in any sexual roleplay; let me make that clear now.
    5) If you would like to become a full on partner and create a story line to roleplay with me, please let me know your ideas. I am one for long term.


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