Head Sculpt:
  • Face-up artist(s):
    Date of acquisition:
    August 24, 2016
    Reason for choice:
    That gorgeous face of his! He has such a sexy look.
    Best Points:
    His face is so pretty, and his body is amazingly detailed. I also love his fullest outfit by Ringdoll, it really suits him well.
    Worst Points:
    Nothing!! He's my favorite doll!
  • Eyes:
    From Ringdoll
    From Ringdoll (with his fullest)
    Favourite colours:
    grey, black, silver, red
    Fashion style(s):
    For now he only has his fullest outfit. In the future I think he'll be wearing flashy type looks with leather and studs.
  • Name story:
    I looked at a lot of different names, I almost named him something from Shakespeare or a Victorian name. But then I came across the idea of naming him after a zodiac. I almost picked Scorpio, but Taurus just fit him so well to me. It also goes with his personality; he puts off a strong and confident attitude to others (like a bull).
    Character age:
    He was turned at 21, but has been a vampire for over 100 years (exact years not decided yet)
    Character gender:
    Offsite roleplay:
    This doll's character is not available for offsite roleplay.
    Here is (not so) briefly what I have of his character! I am still developing his story, and things are subject to change


    Taurus was born in the Victorian era (still deciding on year) in London, by the name Victor. (He was later named 'Taurus' but I'll explain further down.) His father was English, and his mother Japanese. His father was an entrepreneur and trying to spread business to Japan when they met. Taurus grew up relatively well-off, maintaining average success in school and becoming quite a good pianist. He had a best friend throughout childhood and teenhood named Will. Once in high school, the two met a lively girl named Clara whom they grew to be friends with. Taurus developed strong feelings for Clara, but Will did too simultaneously. At age 18, Taurus was hit with the news of Will and Clara's engagement. He was heartbroken, but still had such love for his friends. So he quietly supported the two and suppressed the pain.
    Shortly after, Taurus' grandmother in Japan became ill, and his mother decided to make a visit. Seeing this as a chance to take his mind off the engagement, Taurus went with her. Once there, he met one of his cousins, who was involved in an anti-vampire army. He told Taurus about the growing vampire problem in Japan, and that a battle was soon to surely come. Taurus was extremely interested, and stayed even when his mother returned to London after his grandmother's death. He became trained in fighting, and was a big part of the human's win against the vampires when battle broke out.
    He returned to London after a year, and told Will and some others about his knew knowledge. As more vampire attacks happened, they formed a small army against them with Taurus as the leader. Eventually, battle began, but this time they were no match for the powerful vampire group against them. The leader of this group (still deciding on name) ended up killing Clara, injuring Will severely, and biting Taurus. With his powers of mind control, he forced Taurus to drain Will's blood and finish his transition. He then took Taurus under his control, where he remained for several years. He kept Taurus as a sort of military leader, admiring his fighting skills. The leader fed Taurus small amounts of his own blood routinely in order to strengthen his power, yet keep him under control.
    Finally, Taurus was able to harness enough strength and killed the leader. He fled into the woods, but not without several of the group's followers searching for him. Taurus was skilled and able to hide well, and he lived alone in hiding for quite some time. (Details here hazy right now, haha)
    Eventually, another vampire came across Taurus, who is apart of a separate group of vampires. (This vampire will be a character eventually, and will be quite close to Taurus. I'm thinking he's the one who names him Taurus! Maybe he'll be a character obsessed with astrology). This group is against the one who previously took Taurus. They vow to not kill their prey, though some members feed off of and kill criminals. They own and run a very fancy hotel in the city, where they all also live. (I'm thinking there's about 6-8 of them in the group). The group invites Taurus to join them...and thats's where he remains! (There's a lot of story I want to develop regarding this hotel, and all the members of the vampire group. But this was long so let's move on, shall we?)

    Some Traits and Facts of Taurus:
    ~He usually puts off a sexy and confident persona, and if he wants to be scary, he can be scary.
    ~He uses his sex appeal to charm people, then feed off them
    ~He often becomes physically intimate with his victims
    ~But really, he's hurt by his past, and has a really good heart
    ~He is very fascinated by people; their stories, personalities, unique traits.
    ~Because of his interest in people, he tries to talk to and learn about the people he feeds off of. He's developed this habit of collecting an item from each victim--so he has this strange growing collection of odd trinkets. He thinks it will help him maintain his humanity
    ~He is bisexual, I think he might develop a love connection with one of the other vampires in the group
    ~He enjoys fashion, and has developed a flamboyant style since living at the hotel.
    ~Because of his past, he really hated vampires, and therefore hated himself for being one. But, the group at the hotel has shown him that not all are evil, and he's begun to accept himself more.

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