Cerberus Project
Head Sculpt:
Elf Shiwoo
Delf Type 1 Boy
  • Face-up artist(s):
  • Eyes:
    18mm Green EA Urethane
    Monique Faith in Brown and Blond
  • Offsite roleplay:
    This doll's character is not available for offsite roleplay.
    This is just a teacup.
    No... I'm not kidding. He's just a teacup. Really.

    Teacup is the resin avatar of another one of my Exalted characters. He's a raksha (That game's version of the fae-) of the Common sort... Ornamental, if you want to get specific... who was accidentally created during an argument between a tempermental Noble and a Twilight philosopher about the nature of Reality. He started out, exactly as his name implies, as an inanimate part of the Noble's tea service. A simple object used as an example.

    The Noble lost that argument and blamed the unfortunate teacup, even though he really hadn't had anything to do with it. He hadn't even existed as a self-aware entity before the Noble and the Philosopher's argument over his existence made him into one. Still, the Noble was furious. She kicked him out of her domain, and the last thing she said to him as he left her realm forever was that no matter where he went, or what he became... He wasn't ever going to be anything more than a teacup. A nobody.

    The poor teacup wandered for awhile, until eventually he came to the Bordermarches (The place where Creation and the Wyld begin to touch-). He'd never seen anything quite like Creation before, so he stopped and asked a passing Hobgoblin what it was.

    'That's Creation,' the Hobgoblin said. 'Where things Exist.'

    'Who lives there?' the wandering teacup asked. He was keenly interested in Existing after all, since an argument over that very thing was what had created him, but he didn't want to run into any more grumpy Nobles.

    'People live there,' the Hobgoblin answered. And then he showed the teacup what a Person looked like by turning into one.

    'Oh... That's very clever,' the teacup said, and he tried it too. He was pretty good at looking like a Person as it turned out, so he thanked the Hobgoblin and went on his way. 'I'm going to live in Creation, so I can Exist, too.'

    He liked Creation. It was a strange place, full of strange things like dandelions, and strange beings like butterflies... But there was no one for the teacup to talk to, and he was lonely, and he wasn't entirely sure that he was really Existing at all. Until one day when he was out playing and he met Jylli and her brother.

    They were People... Children, really... and they were afraid of the teacup at first, but once he convinced them that he wasn't a Hobgoblin who wanted to eat them, they were a little friendlier. Jylli even asked the teacup his name... But he had to tell her that he didn't have one. 'Because,' he said, 'I'm just a teacup. A nobody.'

    'Then Teacup can be your name,' the little girl replied... and Teacup was happy. Because having a Name meant that he really must Exist after all.
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