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Thalia Ever "Beetle" Manners

Head Sculpt:
f26 Dollshe
  • Face-up artist(s):
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    This doll's character is not available for offsite roleplay.
    Thalia Ever "Beetle" Manners, was born to lead, her family, their estates and their company. She was smart, serious but warm and conscientious. She trained daily for the handoff their business (aerotransport). She was good at it, she had a mind for numbers. She loved her family, her parents and her two younger sisters, Marlow and Vivianne.

    It was not meant to be, on the eve her her 17th's birthday, Thalia fell sick. First she was feverish and wrote it off from a long day of horseback riding, but then came the chilis and the cough. She died within hours, a doctor was never given the chance to be called.

    Her parents, not ready to lose their heir apparent, rushed her to the home their friend's The House of Braxbeau, wealthy sugar traders from the Caribbean. It was rumored that they could do things that others could not, that other could only dream of. They begged them to help. Help they did, while holding their new born daughter, Sandrine, they summoned Thalia's spirit back from the realms of the dead and back into her body.

    What came back was flawed and broken. Thalia was undead, someplace between the world of the living and the dead. It became quickly (and dangerously) apparent that Thalia also needed human fluids or flesh to survive.

    Marie Braxbeau, said they must send her spirit back, but unable to watch their daughter die a second time, but knowing that she could no longer lead their family in her condition, The elder Manners gave their daughter a little bit of money and said goodbye.

    Thalia arrived off the train in Paris, alone and with no family. She met others like her, others pushed to the underbelly of society by their differences and together she built a small empire. She started a butchers to supply blood and brains humanely (or mostly), and it thrived. She emerged as simply Beetle. One who scavenges the corpses of others to survive.

    An until Vivianne, showed up 12 years later, that life was all she knew.


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