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Vincent / Byakuya “白夜”

Head Sculpt:
IO - scarface
DZ b70-001 cream white
  • Face-up artist(s):
    Date of acquisition:
    29.Nov.2008 (Head)
    Reason for choice:
    Friend and I created a story as we saw this skulpt by it's first release. She got the normal head+body for this storyline and I got the scarface.
    Best Points:
    His totally beauty. And the scar. it makes him much more beautiful in his brokenness
    Worst Points:
    Needs another body which has more defined muscle.
  • Eyes:
    Icy-blue with a little yellow/gold
    Fashion style(s):
    almost always in black (or combination), in a light military-look
  • Name story:
    Byakuya means "the bright night", it was his codename he used as contract killer before Arrows found him. The name "Vincent" was given from Arrows.
    Character age:
    more than 300
    Character gender:
    Offsite roleplay:
    This doll's character is not available for offsite roleplay.
    White tiger.
    Twin-brother (and....lover..?????) from Arrows. Tracle's daddy.
    Ex-contract killer, Now he is bodyguard of his brother.
    Wild and hard, cool guy, uncommunicative but very tender in the truth.


    He was cold and very distant in the past, since human murdered his mother and robbed his brother away in his very young age, and he must survive alone in the jungle.

    He doesn't have a name, the resident of the jungle called him Byakuya since the color of his fur.
    Once he met a black panther and had an intricate relationship with him. He was Byakuya's only one but this broke in a very very bad way, it ended up in a fight between two big cats and Byakuya lost his left eye. This scar marks his broken soul, and makes his gloomy character more colder.
    After that, he decided to left the jungle and went in the human's world. He worked as contract killer in revenge for his mother and tried to find his lost brother, without knowing if he is still alive.

    Once a day Arrows found an unconscious bloody man in the bush, it was the seriously injured Byakuya. He let this stranger live in his flat and cares for him till he is convalesced. Arrows didn't know that he has a brother, so he didn't noticed who this man is, he was just wondering that they look so similar and was angry about the scar, which destroyed this pretty face which look so similar like his own face (Yes, Arrows is a little narcissus XD). But Byakuya knows who Arrows is. And he decided not to tell the truth for the first, he just began to protect Arrows without saying anything.

    It took a bit time till they officially Identify each other, now they are living together.
    For now, Arrows is Byakuya's one and all, everything only for Arrows.
    He even hunt's a squirrel for him to show affection. Well, he's a big cat.
    But he didn't kill the poor little thing, since Arrows (who was grown up under human's education) would get mad if he kills anything again (by the way he quits his contract killer's job for him as well).

    The relationship between Byakuya and Arrows is more than just brothers, anyway they are the reason of existence of each other and inseparable now.


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