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Head Sculpt:
Normal skin
Soom beryl
  • Face-up artist(s):
    Soom default
    Body blushing artist(s):
    Modifications artist(s):
    Tattoo artist(s):
    Head previously owned by Fishcake and body previously owned by Ostrich of DoA
    Reason for choice:
    I loved the Amber face sculpt from the moment that soom released it and had wanted a soom fantasy body ever since they released Beryl and Sard. I never thought I'd be able to afford it but I got very lucky that two lovely people here on Denofangels were nice enough to let me pay for her body on layaway and gave me a good deal on her head. This doll was my grail doll and I will never sell her.
    Best Points:
    Her face is absolutley perfect and she is the biggest of all my dolls. She has such presence!
    Worst Points:
    The only downside with her is like most soom dolls on the old bodies her poseability is not the best. My doll in particular suffers from very unstable knees and I had to glue thick leather strips in that joint just to keep her standing. It was a pain in the butt but completely worth it XD
  • Eyes:
    unknown glass eyes in grey
    size 8-9 wig in silver from eBay seller jcf882012
    Favourite colours:
    Grey, Silver, blue, tan
    Fashion style(s):
    Volinwei wears rougher, more forest-y clothes regularly but has a few elaborate dresses for special occasions.
    Key fashion accessory:
    Most of Volinwei's outfits tend to have a corset but it's not a set rule
  • Name story:
    Volinwei (pronounced Voh-lin-way) is a name I've used on several old pet collecting sites going all the way back to neopets. It's a nonsense name I've always thought sounded pretty.
    Character age:
    Character gender:
    Offsite roleplay:
    This doll's character is not available for offsite roleplay.
    Volinwei is a young Satyresse from a fantasy world that I've yet to name. She is part of the northern race of satyrs who tend to be very tall and fair skinned with large well furred hooves. She is almost exactley 6ft tall, which is quite average for her kind.
  • [​IMG]




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