Wren Lovett

Head Sculpt:
Soom Super gem
  • Face-up artist(s):
    Me (Shrike Aesthetics)
    from DoA member
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    Name: Wren Redgrave (formerly Lovett)

    D.O.B/Age: 29. Nov 8th (Scorpio)

    Occupation: Model

    Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

    Relationship Status: Married to Westley Redgrave


    Likes: Art, Dancing, Playing the piano

    Dislikes: Baby Talk, Unexpected Touching, Pity

    Wren was born into high society, and she quickly blossomed under her tutors instructions. She took to the arts like a duck to water, creating beautiful masterpieces in each and every field from music, painting, writing, to dancing. Anybody could see that her true passion was drawing. Her sketchbook was always tucked under her arm or in her lap, and she’d often sketch out the scenery even if it meant getting a little dirty in the process. She was undeniably talented and with that talent she had managed to catch the eye of the up and coming Redgrave family. They were new money, and the two families got along stunningly. Perhaps it was because their fathers were both evil, but that was just Wren’s personal thoughts.

    As much as Wren caught their eye, Westley caught hers. It seemed the feeling was mutual. Westley made her forget the horrors waiting for her at home and instead gave her affection and love, the sweet innocent kind exchanged in too-puckered lips and daisy chains. He said one day that he was going to marry her, promised as they carved their names into an old stump.

    It was a promise Wren had assumed he’d forgotten. Westley grew up cold, indifferent to the rest of the world it seemed. Whispers surrounded him and his wealth, surged with the death of his father. “Murderer,” they whispered. Wren kept to herself, bound by propriety even as her traitorous heart poured her love for him in sketch after sketch, paintings of him lined her tiny studio room. She didn’t care if he did do it. The Redgraves had their own skeletons to hide, no different than the Lovetts. If Westley killed his father, it was because he deserved to die.

    The heart dies a slow death, and even though Wren knew Westley would not marry her, it never stopped her from loving him. She clung to her memories of him, and it seemed she was rewarded when her engagement with Haytham fell through. Haytham was her best friend and smart match or not, she did not love him. How could she when she loved somebody else?

    True love conquers all, and even if Wren paid the price with her sight, she was happy to be where she’d always wanted to. Her father was dead, and she was blind, but more than that she was free to choose her own suitor as the head of the Lovvett family. Was it any surprise that she chose Westley? He was warm again, as if she was the sun and he had melted before her. He was worth any price she could pay. Unfortunately, money can’t buy miracles.
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