Doll Family H
Head Sculpt:
Ghost General Beilan
68cm Male Body
  • Face-up artist(s):
    DF-H Faceup A
    Date of acquisition:
    Alice Collections Website
    Reason for choice:
    He's beautiful and masculine. A true bishounen.
    Best Points:
    His body is gorgeous, and his jointed hands are super cool! I also love his slender face.
    Worst Points:
    When he first arrived, his face-up was majorly junked up (but DF-H resolved that). Other than that, he truly is perfect and I love him so much!!!
    Xiaoping is my Doll Family H Ghost General Beilan. He is the first large doll I ever purchased, as well as the first male BJD I ever purchased. He is so beautiful and captivating, he has definitely fueled me to want larger dolls as well as many more boy dolls!
  • Eyes:
    Bright blue glass eyes
    Deep blue art wig from Leekeworld
    Favourite colours:
    Dark blue, black, earthy colors.
    Fashion style(s):
    Usually not overly styled, perfers looser clothes that he can move around in. When he does dress up, it's in more traditional garb and Kimonos. He loves hoodies. He also has a soft spot for cool shoes.
    Key fashion accessory:
    Comfy black clothes he can move in, and combat boots.
    Xiaoping prefers comfort and does not overly care for too much fashion, but he does like to look good. He is usually donned in breathable, easy to move in comfy clothes that are darker colors. He will however gladly model for Harlow and does have fun dressing up in fancier clothes now and again. He appreciates a good button-up shirt/slacks combo and anything flowy and Kimono/yukata-esque.
  • Name story:
    My boyfriend actually named him lol. I had a hard time coming up with a Chinese boy name I really loved for him, and my bf kept calling him Xiaoping until it stuck .
    Character age:
    Character gender:
    Cis male
    Offsite roleplay:
    This doll's character is available for offsite roleplay.
    Name: Xiaoping (XP for short)

    Age: 25

    Gender: Male

    Date of Birth: December 1 (Sagittarius)

    Place of Birth: The capital of the Imperial city (a place much like China), in the kings palace.

    Race: Asian (Chinese), also technically he's an undead.

    Occupation: Warrior/soldier and secret prince. Later, body guard and shop clerk.

    Current place of residence: In a spare room above Harlow’s shop.

    Voice type (What it sounds like. If you like, list a voice actor who you think would best put life into your OC.): Appealing and orotund, masculine, but not overly so.

    Quirks, strange mannerisms, and/or annoying habits: Has the bad habit of zoning out during long discussions or when he doesn’t understand things. He also bounces his leg a lot, especially when he is irritated. Has a bad habit of letting his hair and nails grow wild because he feels caring for them a chore (it is noted he takes much better care of his hair once Harlow commented on how pretty it is).

    Education level: He is a smart person, getting good grades in all his classes. He was always fondest of history and literature and has a much harder time grasping math and science (which he always needed a tutor for). His best classes were always anything physical.

    Hierarchy/social standing: He was raised by and believes his blood father was the general in charge of the emperor’s army. As such, he was raised in a very privileged environment, receiving plenty of love and support from his parents, his father’s soldiers, and others in the nobility. In truth, his actual father is the Emperor himself.

    Hair color and type: Wavy, long, black (with blue highlights) or blue (with black highlights) depending on who you are asking.

    Eye color: Blue/gray.

    Skin tone: Pale white turned bluish gray.

    Scars or physical deformities: Has permanent bloody scars across his face, as well as older wounds speckled across his body from various

    Mental illnesses: None (the lucky bastard). Can suffer from the occasionaly bout of depression and rage.

    Height: 6’3”

    Weight: Average

    Body type: Tall, muscular, and fit. It’s hard to tell how fit he is with clothes on, but if his height doesn’t intimidate you, his muscles probably will.

    Favorite color: Black and blue.

    Favorite food: Ma po tofu, drunken chicken, homemade salads, anything spicy.

    Likes: Gardening (and has quite the green thumb), nature, martial arts, sword play, swords in general, cold temperatures, winter, morning jogs, home cooked meals, long conversations with friends, playing video games with friends, reading biographies/watching documentaries, fishing, swimming, helping people, playing card games, horse back riding, napping outside in the shade of a tree.

    Dislikes: Confined spaces, people who talk shit, gossip, feeling weak, people who disrespect the people he loves, seeing people cry, long lectures, too much idle time, being overly hot, getting burns, reality TV shows.

    Religious Preference: Agnostic.

    Strengths: Physically strong, extremely skilled with a sword, strong leader, very understanding and supportive. Is quite a good teacher, and explains things in simple and easy to understand way. Has a green thumb, and a lot of knowledge on all different kinds of plant life.

    Weaknesses: Has quite the temper. Let’s his anger build up until it explodes, and this is greatly intensified when any ill will or harm is directed towards his loved ones or things he is protecting. It is worth noting though that it takes quite a bit to really get him mad. Otherwise, he is a very calm person. He also is not very good at computer related things and struggles with harder math problems and basically anything to do with science. Can be a bit of a brute sometimes because he doesn’t know his own strength.

    Biological father: The emperor
    Biological mother: The emperors maid (deceased)
    Adopted father (who Xiaoping considers his true father): Zhang Wei (deceased)
    Adopted mother (who Xiaoping considers his true mother): Changying (deceased)

    Xiaoping’s biological father is the Emperor and his biological mother was a common woman who was hired to the palace as a hand maid. His father was always a fair man and a strong and loved leader, and as such had many supporters and fans among the common people. However, Xiaoping's mother invited turmoil and scandal into the palace. Though he was very deeply in love with Xiaoping’s mother, as a couple they had very little support from the other people in the Emperor’s court (the only one who fully supported them was Xiaoping’s adopted father, Zhang Wei, the Emperor’s military commander). Xiaoping’s birth mother came from a poor and broken home, but despite that she grew to be strong and, empathetic, and incredibly kind woman. She was a hard and diligent worker and worked her way into the palace and up until she became a trust maid to the Emperor himself. After getting to know each other for several months, they fell in love, and planned on getting married by years end. The palace was in an uproar, and all advisers, politicians and staff were in an uproar. They worked hard to change the emperors mind and convince him that this was the wrong choice, and that she was just trying to seduce him so that she may herself gain power. The emperor would have none of it and was deeply upset by how it affected his future wife (she was heartbroken by the claims, and even tried to run away and distance herself from the emperor to save his image, but he assured her he wanted her always by his side).

    While inner turmoil was happening in the palace, the general public remained blissfully unaware of the emperor’s romantic conquests, for it didn’t much affect their daily life. If anything, there were rumors that the emperor must have found a fine woman to spend his days with, as the country seemed to flourish as it never had before while he was in love.

    Unfortunately, happiness was not to last. Eventually, the emperor’s love got pregnant, and they decided to keep it a tightly closed secret for the safety of the unborn baby and his mother from the drama that was sure to ensue from not only a commoner woman being pregnant with the emperor’s child, but also it happened before they had wed. She stayed hidden from most of the staff (other than the emperor, Zhang Wei, and doctors) and her belly grew, causing the Emperor to become so excited and filled with joy it was nearly impossible for him to keep the secret. As the baby continued to grow, however, complications started to emerge. Mother began to frequently get violently ill and grew weaker each day. At first it was shrugged off by doctors as nothing more than a rough pregnancy, but as time passed and she grew worse they couldn’t deny the dangers she was facing. They advised her that she needed to lose the baby to save her life, and she fiercely declined, determined to bring her son into the world.

    The day of his birth came, and tragically she didn’t even live long enough to hold her baby. In her last moment, she smiled brightly at the small child’s screaming face before whispering “Xiaoping… I am so happy you are here” and passing away into the night.

    The emperor was completely devasted. He spiraled into a deep and dark depression that it would take years for him to crawl from (and even when he did, he was never the same). Stuck in a rut and having to focus as much of himself as he could on leading and governing his people, he had no time to devote to his newly born son, nor did he feel safe sharing the secret that he was his commoner lovers son, for fear someone in the palace would abuse or kill the infant. He asked his longest and dearest held friend Zhang Wei to adopt Xiaoping and raise him as his own, promising to never tell him that the Emperor was his true father (he was filled with such immense guilt for offering his son for adoption that he no longer felt he had the right to anything to do with Xiaoping’s life).

    Zhang Wei agreed, for the emperor was like his brother, and he would do whatever he could to alleviate the pain and torture his dear friend was suffering. For years Zhang Wei and his wife Changying had tried to bear a child with no avail, so when the situation was fully explained to Changying, she was happy to comply, taking in the infant as her own. For the next major chunk of his life, Xiaoping was raised believing Zhang Wei and Changying were his true parents, and he loved him just as such (and they loved him as their own in turn). He had a happy and blessed childhood and grew to be a strong and dependable young man and warrior under his father’s guidance and teaching. He joined the military as soon as he was able, and quickly climbed the ranks, becoming a deeply respected and loved higher up in the military. He stood up for his men and took the time to get to know them all, find their strengths and weaknesses and work with them to make them the best they could be.

    The emperor would occasionally interact with Xiaoping during military meetings as well as more intimate meetings as friend with Zhang Wei. Xiaoping respected and admired greatly the emperor, finding him a brilliant and immeasurably kind man. The emperor felt much the same of Xiaoping and was thrilled at how strong and dependable he had become. Both parties loved spending time with each other and held those moments close to their hearts.

    But again, tragedy was to strike, and it would leave Xiaoping’s family in ruins and turn Xiaoping’s life completely on its head.

    Pets: None, but his favorite animal is the brown bear.

    Role model: His adopted father. Xiaoping is constantly moved and compelled by his fathers strength, good nature, and calm and thoughtful persona. He was the rock in Xiaoping’s life, and the love and knowledge he gained from him is indispensable. Also, his adopted mother, for all the same reasons.

    Fears: Becoming a monster, people killing or taking his loved ones, not being strong enough to protect what he cares for.

    Goals: To avenge his parents deaths, take down the people who turned him into a monster, and bring his homeland back to its former glory.

    Sexuality: Straight

    Relationships/Love interests: Harlow- The girl who saved him grew into a trusted friend and confidant. Eventually he would realize just how much he truly loved her, and would dedicate his life to making her as happy and safe as possible.
    Tomoko: Friend through Harlow. She often gives Xiaoping shit and originally she hated him and didn’t trust him at all. As time passed and he proved he was not a threat to her or her friends, she warmed up to him and they became close buds. She is the one to make sure Xiaoping is “with the times” and knows all the current and trending memes and fads.
    Bomi: Another friend met through Harlow, they were quick to become friends. Bomi was thrilled that her best friend had found such a mysterious and handsome man to spend her affections on, but also was the one to give Xiaoping the hardest grilling of his life (along with Ephraim) to make sure he was worthy of Harlow.
    Elodie: Frightened Elodie a lot at first (she was mainly worried for Harlow's safety), but once she saw his true nature and how much he started to care for their family unit (particularly Harlow) she warmed up to him and now considers him family.
    Ephraim: As Harlow’s oldest childhood friend, he was not too keen on some random, wild, unpredictable warrior man claiming to be a prince living in the same room virtually free of charge with Harlow and the other gals. He remains haughty and somewhat cold towards Xiaoping but puts up with him for Harlow’s sake. As time goes on he warms up to and learns to trust him though, but remains quite the turd to him and gets great enjoyment from putting him in his place.

    Allies: Harlow, Tomoko, Bomi, Elodie, (begrudgingly) Ephraim

    Enemies: TBA

    Sexual partners: Harlow

    Hobbies and interests: Swords, swordsmanship, gardening, nature, athletics, spending quality time with his loved ones.
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