Yuna Ellis

Asleep Eidolon
Head Sculpt:
Standard Asleep Eidolon 58 cm body
  • Face-up artist(s):
    Asleep Eidolon
    Reason for choice:
    Her gorgeous, sweet and innocent looking face!
    Best Points:
    Her pretty face and double jointed knees!
    Worst Points:
    I can't think of any! ^_^
  • Eyes:
    16mm Mako Eyes in Amaryllis
    Crobi Doll CRWML-119 in Milky Blond
    Favourite colours:
    Lavender and aquamarine
    Fashion style(s):
    Anything cute and feminine!
    Key fashion accessory:
    Her key shaped pendant that was gifted to her by her best friend
  • Name story:
    Yuna is half Japanese (from her mother's side) and half English (from her father's side), so that's why she has a Japanese given name and an English family name. Her full name written in Japanese is エリス ゆな.
    Character age:
    Character gender:
    Offsite roleplay:
    This doll's character is not available for offsite roleplay.
    Yuna's parents had met in Japan while her father was visiting there from overseas, and they instantly fell in love. They eventually got married and spent the beginnings of their wedded life in Japan. After a couple of years, they moved to England (Yuna's father's home country) and had Yuna. Yuna spent a the very beginnings of her childhood in England, but her mother and father longed to return back to Japan, as they both loved it there very much and also wanted Yuna to experience how wonderful it was there for herself and to also allow her to become more connected to that part of her background. Yuna was very excited that she was finally going to experience life in the country that she's heard so much about from her parents, and put in an impressive amount of effort into learning and practicing Japanese with her mother. She often would try to imagine what everything would be like and was looking forward to seeing her new school and making new friends.

    For the most part, Japan was everything she had hoped it was and she loved it dearly, from the food and the customs and so on, but school was a different matter altogether. Poor Yuna was often the target of bullying due to her appearance and the children would also make fun of her whenever she would make the tiniest mistakes when speaking Japanese.The bullying continued on from elementary school through middle school, and it took quite a toll on Yuna's self confidence, making her very shy and withdrawn. However, in her second year of middle school, she met Erina, who was a year older than her, and she soon became her best friend. She really admired Erina (and still does) because of Erina's intelligence, beauty, and her confidence and kindness. When Erina graduated on to high school, Yuna decided then and there that she would follow Erina wherever she'd go and devoted herself to working hard so that she would be able to get into the same school as her.

    As middle school graduation drew near, Yuna expressed how worried she was about high school life to Erina, and how she wished she could be more like her. Because of that, Erina gifted her a key-shaped pendant on the day of her middle school graduation and told her that as long as she wore the pendant, it would unlock her confidence and give her the courage to be herself. Yuna held on to those words and considered it to be her good luck charm, and little by little, she became more like her old cheerful and bubbly self again! Because of this, high school life proved to be much better than Yuna could have ever dreamed. Not only was attending the same school as Erina again like she had wanted, but also because she was able to make friends among her classmates as well. She also developed an interest in fashion (yet again, inspired by Erina, who aspires to be a stylist) and started her very own and very successful fashion blog and youtube channel, which increased her popularity even more! While her blog and channel fanbase was mostly made up of female readers and viewers, her popularity with the boys also rose. Yuna began getting love confessions often, but without ever realizing it, she ended up shooting every single one of the confessions down. If she was ever asked if she liked someone or if there's anyone she wanted to be with, she would immediately answer "Erina!" without thinking or considering that they meant it in a romantic sense.
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