1. Please check the announcement in the DOA News section. Broken links to TinyPic were noticed over the weekend, and today we confirmed they've been shutting down over the last month. Since a lot of people appear to have pictures there, be aware that Monday, 9/16/19 appears to be the last day to download your photos.
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Account Upgrades

About the Conversation Inbox Upgrades

The forum default is 750 messages.

The "Double" Upgrade will allow you to store up to 1500 conversation messages. The cost is $12 per year ($1 per month).

The "Super" Upgrade will allow you to store up to 3000 conversation messages. The cost is $24 per year ($2 per month).

These are simply upgrades that will allow you to store more conversation messages on our server. We do not consider these paid or premium memberships and there are no special privileges or additional services associated with purchasing. There are also no negative consequences for not upgrading; your account will simply remain unchanged.

All funds go directly into DoA's hosting fund. As you may have guessed, powering a large, active website like Den of Angels is very expensive!

Please note that upgrade fees are non-refundable. If you stop using the forum, there is no way to receive a refund for your upgrade. Please take a moment to make sure that you want the upgrade before purchasing!

How to Upgrade Your Inbox

To upgrade, go to your User Control Panel, then click the link from the left menu that says "Paid Subscriptions." On the next screen, you will be able to choose which upgrade you would like. Payment is handled automagically through Paypal.

If you purchase the Double upgrade and decide later that you would like the Super upgrade, please post in Ask the Moderators. The change and payment will need to be done manually, otherwise you will end up overpaying.

Oct 10, 2015
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