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  1. yatagarasu
    Doll Profile


    Posted by: yatagarasu, Jun 13, 2016 in category: ~20cm Dolls
  2. shelbert
    Doll Profile


    Posted by: shelbert, Mar 27, 2016 in category: 50–65cm Dolls
  3. overlordu
    Doll Profile


    Posted by: overlordu, Feb 24, 2016 in category: 50–65cm Dolls
  4. nikittin
    Doll Profile


    Posted by: nikittin, Feb 15, 2016 in category: 50–65cm Dolls
  5. PeppermintPocky
    Doll Profile


    This crazy dude was my first boy doll! [IMG]
    Posted by: PeppermintPocky, Jan 19, 2016 in category: 40–49cm Dolls