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  1. Marie LaStrange
    Doll Profile


    Posted by: Marie LaStrange, Dec 24, 2020 in category: 20–39cm Dolls
  2. fantasmadeapollo
    Doll Profile


    Posted by: fantasmadeapollo, Feb 20, 2019 in category: 40–49cm Dolls
  3. umumj1
    Doll Profile

    Rock Boy

    Posted by: umumj1, Aug 16, 2018 in category: 40–49cm Dolls
  4. unoa_im_afreak
    Doll Profile

    Nate Strazinski

    Posted by: unoa_im_afreak, Jul 15, 2018 in category: 40–49cm Dolls
  5. lilas
    Doll Profile

    Marissa Dawson

    Posted by: lilas, Oct 7, 2017 in category: 50–65cm Dolls
  6. Idoru
    Doll Profile

    Ruka Ayazawa

    Posted by: Idoru, Jun 22, 2017 in category: 20–39cm Dolls
  7. ChocoDecadence
  8. ChristinasDream
  9. ikittycat
    Doll Profile

    Khepri Naegai

    Posted by: ikittycat, Nov 12, 2016 in category: 40–49cm Dolls
  10. notkyleandtheelf
    Doll Profile

    Melimriel "Mel"

    Posted by: notkyleandtheelf, Aug 18, 2016 in category: 50–65cm Dolls
  11. sarah_davis
    Doll Profile


    Posted by: sarah_davis, Apr 4, 2016 in category: 50–65cm Dolls
  12. Poptart
    Doll Profile

    Roslyn Elfsdottir

    Posted by: Poptart, Mar 14, 2016 in category: 50–65cm Dolls
  13. vanzinger
    Doll Profile

    Chase Àleifson

    Posted by: vanzinger, Mar 11, 2016 in category: 40–49cm Dolls
  14. angelsecho
    Doll Profile


    Posted by: angelsecho, Sep 2, 2017 in category: 50–65cm Dolls
  15. Roterwolkenvogel
    Doll Profile

    Rhys Paganini

    Posted by: Roterwolkenvogel, Feb 14, 2016 in category: 40–49cm Dolls