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.¤ Dream of Doll will open a store in Japan! ¤.

Apr 18, 2007

    1. Sorry if this already been noticed ^^'
      If so, please delete!

      From DoD site:

      "Hello this is the Dream of Doll.
      I am happy to inform you that you can purchase DOD dolls at the store in Japan.
      It will be open in the middle of May and we are busy preparing this and that.
      The contact detail is following.


      ★TEL○ 082-247-7183 (81-82-247-7183)

      ★FAX○ 082-247-7181 (81-82-247-7181)

      Please be also advised that this is not run by DOD and it runs by DOD's agent in Japan.

      Thank you for your support.
    2. Any idea what city?
    3. I can't translate perfectly right now (supposed to be in class!) and I can't leave it until later as I don't have 'net at home, so I'll post the pure message here with a vague translation.


      (Too and Bee-A will be available to buy [or order on request?].)

      (The store will open at the end of May in Hiroshima)



      ★★★【Dream Of Doll】★日本正規代理店★★★
      株式会社 DON ENAN(担当東)

      I'm not completely sure about the Too/Bee-A bit, but I may just not have asked in a clear enough way ^^;
    4. My further email request was if people can buy E-An's clothes without buying the doll. I'd seen this requested a few times when they released the doll originally, so I thought it would be a good question to ask.

      Their reply:

      (Sales of only E-An's clothes can be done.)

      (We will be getting the merchandise in May.)

    5. Do they have an idea of what accessories/clothes will be available? Esp., I would like to know about DoC Kitty Shoes.
    6. The store has some auctions up on Yahoo. Sadly, it's located in Hiroshima so I can't visit it... T_T Not sure if it's just online or not though?
      Here's one auction http://page16.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/u12996944
      【住所】 〒730-0047 広島市中区平野町8番8-210号 That's the address.

    7. Well, on the yahoo auction site, they are listing Too and Bee-A separately. But there is no mentioning of the face-up option.:|
    8. I e-mailed asking if they had a storefront and this was the response:





      "Good evening.

      Please make your orders by e-mail or phone.

      The showroom is done completely through advance orders.
      Please make sure that you place an order before you come."

      So in other words, there is a store but you have to order before you visit it. I guess they don't keep anything in stock.
    9. nadiaff > after visiting the store myself yesterday, it's not that they don't keep things in stock, but more that they prefer to be sure they can definitely have what you want.

      Higashi-san was incredibly helpful, going even so far as to come and collect myself, my sister and a friend from the station after I asked how to get to the store :o He doesn't speak a lot of English, so your Japanese conversational skills have to be pretty good :sweat
      He unfortunately didn't have one of the outfits I wanted in stock at that time, but he can order any of the out of stock items for a customer~ I also got to see a yet-unannounced colour for one of their dolls :D It's very, very beautiful :)
      I'll put up some photos once I get back home :sweat
    10. Ooh, thanks for the information Shido! Can't wait to see the pictures!
      Can you give any instructions where the store is? Is it in the center of the city?
      What dolls did they have in stock? How about outfits and wigs?
    11. The store isn't close to the center of the city, unfortunately ^^; It was about 25-30 minutes drive, so we would never have found it within a day :sweat

      They had Yen, Zen, Pitts, Bee-a, Tender Bee-a, Hoo, Si(I think, I'll have to check the photos), Camine and Lahoo on display :) I also got to see the unreleased colour (I doubt very much DOD would want me telling!) and a Tender Too :kitty2
      They have quite a few outfits in stock, there were very few they didn't have yet (unfortunately one was one I wanted :( ), plenty shoes and a few wigs/eyes on display.
    12. Wish there was some way I could go. T____T

      Any idea when the new color is going to launch? I'm DYINGDYINGDYING to know what it is. <3333