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°° Tsuki's Feedback Thread °°

Jun 23, 2008

    1. Please leave feedback about products or services that you have received from me. ♥

      Thank you ♥​
    2. Tsuki Hiroshi bought 2 outfits from me :D very prompt payment on the date she promised. Great buyer and highly recommend ^_^

      AND! she's nice enough to make me 2 fur wigs ;w; they work really well♥
      Thank you very much♥
    3. Tsuiki bought a Leeke Min head from me, and was prompt to pay when she had the money. Throughout the transction she was very positive and communicative, and the transaction itself went smoothly. Overall, it was a good experience. I recommend this buyer
    4. Tsuki bought a Wintery head from me. The transaction was a pleasant experience and she is great to deal with. Thank you!
    5. TsukiHiroshi bought a Leeke boy body from me on layaway. She was friendly throughout the transaction and made each payment as promised. It was a pleasure working with her and I am happy that I was able to help her get a body for her Leeke boy. ^______^v

    6. TsukiHiroshi participated in my Musedoll GO, and everything went great!
      Super quick to pay and kept wonderful communication. A pleasure to deal with~ :)

      Thanks again!:aheartbea
    7. Tsuki commissioned some custom doll food from me, and was very patient in waiting for her items to be made. :) She was very sweet and wonderful to work with. Thank you!
    8. TsukiHiroshi did a face-up on Aoi, my CP Vamp. Lu Wen, including coming over to my house and delivering him to me in person! And may I say he is :aheartbea :fangirl: :aheartbea :fangirl: :aheartbea :fangirl: :aheartbea She did a amazing job! He's gorgeous and for that price it was even better! I will totally have you do more of my boy's face-ups in the future! I love your work and I highly recommend her to anyone! :) Thank you again! :aheartbea

      ~Gunter von Christ
    9. TsukiHiroshi hosted a Tata Paradise GO that I was in. She was great to deal with, though it took quite a long time for our order to go through. She was good with communication and didn't mind my changing of the order I was making 3-4 times...>.>;; She handed my stuff off to me in person, great to work with and plan to do so again in the future!
    10. Tsuki did a huge order of hot chocolates from me. The whole transaction was a pleasure. Great communication and quick payment :3
    11. Tsuki did a beautiful face up job of an old boy I was considering selling simply because I never really liked his face. She got him back to me quickly and he looks amazing. I highly recommend her will do business with her again <3<3<3
    12. Tsuki bought a Tan Wang Zi from me on a very short Layaway and was very good with communications! :) I love people like this!

      Enjoy your Wang Zi in Tan skin! Would do business with you again!
    13. Joined a TATA GO Tsuki hosted for a couple items of clothing. Unfortunataly the actual GO was postponed so many I attempted to pull out of it but was not allowed to. Although the actual production of items length was not in her control, after she had items in hand the time to recieve them was unacceptably long. While I cannot complain about Tsuki's good communication skills and polite responses, I'm sorry to say a sweet personality has no merit against poor responsibility.

      Would hesitate to do business again in the future.
    14. I also participated in a TATA GO run by Tsuki, and on my end, it went wonderfully. :aheartbea Awesome communication, frequent updates, and I received my order when she said I should expect it. ^-^ Since there was a holiday, we had to wait a bit longer than usual, but everything went fine in my opinion. :)

      Thanks! Would do business again with you, definately. ^^
    15. I commissioned TsukiHiroshi to do a face-up on my Dollmore Model Uri Rich (Kizimir). I had requested for her to redo his old face up (which had chipped) and she agreed. The only thing I wanted different was that the scar was curved. I gave her my entire photobucket of pictures of Kizimir, which included many close ups and clear pictures of his face up. I was one behind on the list and she completed it pretty quickly. So I waited for Kizimir to get done. She waited till the last weekend I had requested to actually start him. I figured she was busy so I tried to let it slide. Once I received him was the issue. I was told that she had no clear pictures of his face up, even though she had come over enough and should have known it by now. Upon receiving him I was very disappointed and considering how precious he is to me, was somewhat heartbroken to see him like that. I had her take him back, it was unacceptable. I was then told that I would have to wait a week to have him started again, and I wasn't in the mood to really wait that long. She was sweet and had okay communication throughout the process, but the finished product was not what I wanted and thus it doesn't matter how nice she was. I wasn't very pleased to hear that at a point she had lost his wig and eyes. Even if she did recover it, that was very irresponsible.

      What I wanted:

      What I got:
    16. &#9829; I sold TsukiHiroshi a Ninodolll Iz head with OOAK faceup. It was such a fun transaction and I would never hesitate to sell to Tsuki again.

      I sold the head on layaway, which took longer than expected on both sides but luckily Tsuki was understanding when there was a delay in getting the head shipped out. I didn't mind the delay in payments as communication with Tsuki was wonderful and we had a whole lot of fun throughout the transaction. &#9829;

      I hope this doesn't end the friendly PMs as I really enjoyed our conversations!
      I hope you enjoy your new girl!

      &#9829; &#9829; &#9829; &#9829; &#9829;
    17. Hello I just resently purchased a pair of ever purple special pupil eyes From Tsukihiroshi. And the transaction was a breeze, great communication. Would purchase from her again
    18. TsukiHiroshi participated in my Dollmore GO. She was patient and good with communication ^__^
    19. I bought a pair of EverPurple eyes from TsukiHiroshi and was very pleased when they arrived. Communication was fast and the eyes shipped out within a week. Would definitely recommend!
    20. TsukiHiroshi bought some items from me~and she make a very quickly payment~~><
      we have a nice communication~ ^^ HIGHLY COMMENDED~