Preorder · She is a Dragon - pre-order · 30 of July - 30 of August

Jul 29, 2019

    1. Hello!
      I'm glad to announce the 4-th pre-order
      30 of July - 30 of August 2019



      Height: 32 cm (standing)
      Length: 45-47cm (from nose to tip of tail)
      Eye size: 10 mm (flat back!)


      * One faceplate with opened eyes at your choice
      · Dragon assembled sueded body with curled tail part
      · Second type of tail part (straight)
      · seams sanding
      · 1 pair of eyes 10 mm, random color, flat back
      · Packaging materials, box and certificate

      Production time is approximately 60-80 workdays.


      (opaque - 1 row, semitranslucent dark - 2 row)



      More Information here

      More photos:
      CrowBlackJay Flickr
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    2. Can we get details on how to order, please? And prices too...
    3. If you click the link that says 'More information here' (it's underneath the different heads section) it should open up a big image with the prices and ordering information on it.
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    4. in real life is the red color option more on the pinker side of red or, uhh, redder side of red?:sweat well i butchered this question
    5. [​IMG] Thats photo from another artist but same caster palette. I chose the left color for this pre-order. But I think it's possible to cast any of this color individually for additional fee(I will clarify this opportunity with the caster). I still waiting test color parts to to see them in live.
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