Limited Items “British Style” Retro outfit set!!!

Oct 19, 2020

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    1. Which style is which? On the website it doesn't label style A or B. Thank you.
    2. When you click on Style A, the picture will show Style A. And choose style B it will only show style B.
      Style A is the dark jacket one.
      Hope this helps
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    3. I'm failing to see anything particularly "British" about it. What makes it British style? I'm British myself and both outfits look vaguely American to me.

      It is, however, nice to see someone making trousers that aren't low-slung in the waist. That's rarer than hen's teeth in my experience.

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    4. It's the plaid flannel, isn't it? Us Yanks and our love affair with plaid flannel ;)
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    5. {laugh!} You just might be right - the turtlenecks too.

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