Limited Items “Noir” black wool suit collection!!!

Nov 14, 2020

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    1. Beautiful suit! The pants look quite short on that doll, though - they don't even reach the tops of his boots. Can you please tell me how tall he is?
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    2. The pants are ninth pants, not the regular length. Depends on the sizes, from 65cm to 75cm
    3. Will this fit SD17?
    4. Here is the LLT size:
      Height: 70cm (with normal feet)
      Neck circumference: 12.5
      Bust circumference: 31.5cm
      Shoulder: 17cm
      Arm length: 22cm
      Upper arm circumference: 10cm
      Lower arm circumference: 9cm
      Wrist circumference: 6cm
      Waist circumference: 22.5cm
      Hip Circumference: 31cm
      Thigh circumference: 18cm
      Calf circumference: 13cm
      It may be a little bit bigger to SD17