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• Dust of Dolls • . Ooak PünS - PollyHood .

Jul 23, 2011

    1. [​IMG]

      Hello everyone!

      We are happy to inform you that tomorow, at 3:00 PM (french hour), an ooak Püns will be on sale on our website.

      It's a light green skin girl with a soft and sweet makeup and blush with thin spirals on cheeks and bottom ♥ , she will come with homemade eyes and her box.

      As our website isn't completely finished, we are using the same system of sale than our friend Lillycat for her firsts Sandre : The comments on the page will be opened at 3:00 PM and the first person who comments get the doll.

      PollyHood price is 650€ (infos about shipping and fees are on the bottom of the page).

      >> Here is the page <<

      Have a nice day &#9829;


    2. Please Mods, remove if this doesn't go here!

      Puns herself is on topic for DoA, for people to talk about and people who own her, but since Dust of Dolls has stated a number of times up till presently, that they are not legally allowed to sell their dolls as they haven't yet obtained the license to do so as required by their country, isn't a sales thread for any of their dolls posted here the same as someone posting for any other form of illegal doll sale?

      I understand if this isn't the case, but if DoD themselves has said that they cannot legally sell their dolls, since they still haven't obtained a license to do so, is this really appropriate? I followed the link but cannot find anywhere that they've updated their story from, 'we cannot legally sell our dolls' to, 'we have obtained our license and here is our Puns available.'

      Again please remove if this doesn't belong here, but it was a major point of DoDs in the recent unpleasantness, where DoD brought up their status of being unable to provide sales for this reason many times, which is the cause of my concern.
    3. We cannot police other countries' registration laws. This is a notice that a doll will be for sale; if someone doesn't wish to buy it due to concerns about legality of licenses, that is that member's concern. If you wish to contact DoD to ascertain if they're acquired the licenses for doll sales, you may do so. My guess it that they are looking to acquire a license for selling dolls on a larger scale as a business; this is the sale of an individual doll and doesn't seem as though it would require the same sort of registration. I don't see anything on the website indicating a lack of registration to sell dolls. Thank you.