Update ★★Stacy's Pink Ocean★★Resin Bird Masks/Sleeve Edge/Wonderful High-heeled Shoes and Some Weapons

Oct 12, 2016

    1. Some wonderful things is coming!They are so wonderful and exciting!Some of them are in stock,some of them are being made.Before they are finished.you can reserve them on 10% discount.
      The event time is 12th Oct.~12th.Nov.

      In stock





      Sale page:stacyspinkocean.com

      For more details, please visit our website:stacyspinkocean.com
      We accept layaway,please tell us your layaway plan when you place your order.And pay through USD1(USD1 - stacyspinkocean.com) on Stacy's Pink Ocean.

      Thank you very much for your attention!

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    2. So cool! Will any of these be for MSD sizes? Or are they all for SD?
    3. Do I have to select "70 boy" in order to get the Super Gem/Iplehouse girl size?
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    4. No,only goggles have 1/4 size.The other things are for 1/3 doll and 70+cm doll.

      Do you want to buy the high-heeled shoes?The shoes have only one size,fit nomal 1/3 girl and big girl(such as EID girl).^^You needn't select the size on the sale page.
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    5. Are the weapons painted and come wrapped in these threads like in the pictures?
    6. How is it possible for the shoes to fit both normal 1/3 girls and EID girls? Their feet are a completely different width. My iplehouse girl does not fit any of the dozens of shoe brands I have purchased over the years. Can you please be more specific about which doll foot this shoe is being made to fit?
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    7. Yes,of cause.^^

      Hi,I have asked the studio specially if the shoes could fit the EID feet .The answer was yes.^^
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    8. Thanks for the reply! Do you have any pictures of the weapons together with a doll, preferably the 70+ version? I really would love to see the size in comparison with a doll. Thank you :)
    9. Now the weapons are not finished,I only can tell you the knife is 46cm,and the gun is 34cm.And I have one picture,the gun with a 70cm boy's hand,I hope it can bu helpful.^^
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    10. What are the dimensions for the feet that could fit the shoes for the 70CM boy option?
      And is the 1/3SD the EID size or do we need to specify with the order?
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    11. Hi,please ignore the size 70cm boy.There is only one size,70cm size is wrong.I have correct the mistake.Sorry to disappoint you,^^