Event ★ Ldoll Festival 6 ★ Security announcement

Jul 28, 2016

    1. Dear all,

      We are not exactly giving you BJD-related news... We wanted to address publicly the question of security measures that will be enforced at Ldoll Festival this year because we know it is a concern for most of our international visitors and potential visitors.

      You are all aware that tragic events have taken place in France these past months, in the way other countries have suffered for years.
      We are committed to keeping our exhibitors and visitors fully safe at our event. Therefore we have consulted with the local authorities to make sure they are aware of our event and to plan the best course of action.

      - Professional security guards will proceed to bag searches at the entrance of the festival.
      - The number of our own security staff will be increased to keep watch at every moment inside the hall.

      We know many of you are concerned about travelling to France. We want to reassure you that we will do everything to ensure your security.

      Just remember that life and happiness must always prevail, and terrorists win if we respond with fear or hate. Whether you join us or not this October, don’t let fear keep you from living. Ever <3

      Jaina & Cycy,
      Ldoll organizers.

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