Contest ★ PHOTO CONTEST | Ldoll x SWITCH - Time to vote! ★

Sep 2, 2016

    1. Dear BJD lovers,

      We are overwhelmed to have received almost 70 entries for the special Ldoll x SWITCH worldwide online photo contest !

      47 photos have qualified. The theme is "Caught Red-handed".
      Now it is time to vote !

      Choose your favorite picture wisely - votes are restricted to one per person.
      Click on any of the picture to open a slider with all of them, and click on the pink heart to vote.

      1st PRIZE :
      • 1 fullset MSD "HD 41girl MARI" from our partner SWITCH
      • 1 giant billboard size poster of the picture in front of the Ldoll venue
      • 1 VIP invitation to Ldoll for Sunday 30th October

      Other PRIZES :
      • The 20 pictures with the most votes will be printed and exhibited at the convention.

      Join the biggest doll event of the year in Europe at LDOLL FESTIVAL,
      29-30 October 2016
      Lyon, France

      • A marketplace with more than 140 exhibitors
      • 3 fun contests on site
      • 2 raffles with fullset dolls to win and many more gifts
      • The biggest meet-up in Europe.
      What else? ;)
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