★Pink Vetch★ Midori release Sept 5 ~ Oct 7

Sep 5, 2016

    1. Hi everyone!

      Pink Vetch (Website) is a new bjd company and they're releasing their first dolls this month (Sept 5~Oct 7)

      This is Midori, a big-headed tiny who is able to wear 1/8-sized and Blythe clothes.

      Size: 1/6-sized but wears 1/8-sized
      Head circumference: 26cm
      Eye size: 22mm
      Shoulder: 5cm
      Waist: 10cm
      Back length: 5.5cm
      Hip: 14.6cm
      Height: 24cm
      Arm length: 4.5cm
      Foot length: 2.5cm
      Foot width: 1cm

      Website: link
      Midori Info: link
      Midori gallery: link
      How to order: link
      Facebook: link
      Tumblr: link


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