☆~~ Granado Doll Discussion Part 18 ~~☆

Oct 22, 2019

    1. I put a pair of grey eyes and try different wigs on my white resin Jane. I think she looks so adorable. I'm not sure if I want to keep her a girl or make her a boy. If she stay as a girl her name will be Xena :)

      This is the link to my Flickr album where you can see Jane head with different wigs Xena


      -------- Added notes --------

      Granado website: GRANADO

      Useful Granado Info!

      What Fits (actual measurements on Wiki Page) discussion thread here:

      Nuevo Female body
      tops- Soom Supergem
      bottoms- Soom Supergem
      shoes-Volks SD16

      Old/64cm Male body
      tops- Tata's Paradise SD17 sized shirts, LUTS Super Senior Delf tops, Volks SD17 shirts, Souldoll Zenith tops- a bit long in the arms
      bottoms- Volks SD13 trousers may fit but mind the Thighs, Guessdoll SD sized jeans, Soom Supergem trousers
      shoes- Soom Supergem Shoes, most SD sized male shoes

      Old/68cm Male body
      tops, same as 64cm body- Tata's Paradise SD17 sized shirts, LUTS Super Senior Delf tops, Volks SD17 shirts, Souldoll Zenith tops- a bit long in the arms
      bottoms- LUTS Super Senior Delf trousers fit a little long, Volks SD17 trousers, Souldoll Zenith trousers
      shoes, same as 64cm body- Soom Supergem Shoes, most SD sized male shoes

      Nuevo Male body
      tops- Tata's Paradise SD17 sized shirts appear to fit.

      Most sculpts fit 8-9 wigs best.

      Other sculpts: 12mm

      Resin matching:
      Check Wiki Page which has a list of resin matches, as well as:

      Pic threads- Just assume there'll be Nudity in any of them.

      Previous discussion threads
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    2. Ooh I like those eyes and wig on her! She looks very pretty. :)

      Also, has anyone seen Granado's Halloween release? :o Gabriel looks so cool!
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    3. @MrFjmg2003 Thank you for that photo of Jane! I was surprised to see that she started shipping after so little time, but then I scrolled back and saw she was one of those surprise bag releases :) Must have been a very happy surprise for you, shes beautiful! Makes the wait for her a little more easier to see the photos you have posted, Xena looks really nice and I would like to see how you will have her (or him) completed

      @Quiet and Insane is it bad to say that Im a little disappointed? I was excited when I saw the teaser, and thought maybe it was a vampire Gabriel like they did with that Dark Lord Enoch, was looking for ways to finance getting Gabriel with fangs and potentially elf ears, but he's regular Gabriel with a Halloween faceup. He looks nice, but its a pass for me....!
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    4. I didn't see it before but Jane does look rather boyish. Looks distinctly like a lot of timid adolescent boys in anime.
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    5. Jane would make a cute boy. I'm glad that none of the dolls coming out right now speak to me. I can't afford to have any speak to me. I agree though that it would've been cool to see a Gabriel with pointy ears and fangs. The face-up is very nicely done though.
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    6. Thank you. I agree with you. I couldn't picture her until I decided to try some pair of eyes and different wigs. I felt in love with the head after that. If God permits I hope to send her soon to get a face up. I won't be able to order her a body until mid next year :)

      Your welcome. No wonder I haven't seen Jane owner photos. I was looking everywhere to see how she look with different face ups. I was very surprise because I got one of the grand price that consisted on two resin heads. One Galileo unreleased head I traded it for two unreleased vindoll heads and other items. I'm more into vinyl dolls, but Jane look just to adorable:)

      She does. She reminds of Migidoll Jina. That's why I think she would make a great innocent type boy. But I love her on the Granado pictures as a girl with the red lips face up. So I think mine would be a girl after all :)

      I agree with you about Gabriel with fangs and pointy ears. Gabriel is a gorgeous sculpt. I have him but in vindoll with the default face up and he is just sooo gorgeous in person. Much better than in pictures :)
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    7. Does anyone have pictures of Napoleon? Possibly on a non-Granado body.
    8. @GreenTeaSlug - Fair enough then. I thought it might be a exciting re-release for anyone interested in him or hadn't considered his sinister side.

      @MrFjmg2003 - Sometimes that's really all it takes to fall in love with a doll and have it click for you. :)
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    9. @Quiet and Insane I want to laugh.... I actually love this release now that Ive let it simmer a bit :doh

      I might be getting him in grey with that faceup, but Im waiting for my dealer to get back to me if hes also getting that neck paint job... lol, what is willpower? To think that I came into the hobby with the intent of getting one doll only ugh

      One thing I dont understand is why the dolls on Granado's official website have a set release date, but their dealers and taobao website have them available year round
    10. @GreenTeaSlug I think a lot of us got into this hobby with the idea that we'd have only one or two dolls. I thought I'd have only 2 (Moswen & Kijika). I now own 62. Fine, it took me 11 years to amass that many but still.

      If Granado were to do another crowdfund with some of the sculpts like Gabriel or Enoch I think I'd be in trouble. The 53cm size is my new fav BJD size and to have one of those bigger boys in the SD fun-size format....
    11. *de-lurks*
      @GreenTeaSlug I believe the availability (or lack thereof) is due to the process of international shipping. Taobao and dealers are closer, if not local, and shipping a bunch of dolls to a dealer close(ish) by is way less of a hassle than handling individual international orders.
    12. @GreenTeaSlug - Hahaha sometimes that can happen too! :lol:
      I definitely thought I'd only ever get one doll...then exactly a month after my first one arrived I bought a second. Willpower indeed!
    13. I totally agree :)

      Ha ha that is me. When I started the hobby I had the rule no more than four dolls. I did great for about 3 years. If I wanted a doll I sold one I didn't want that much anymore to get the doll I wanted. Until one day I wanted more dolls but I loved the ones I already had so I didn't want to sell any of them. Not I have 13 dolls and 4 floating heads. Ten of my dolls are made of vinyl and 3 Hujoo SD size in ABS plastic only my Jane and another artist head are resin.

      I understand the feeling Granado ruin my wallet when they came out with the vindoll line. I love those hunks Vindolls so much. I currently have five and 2 floating heads :p
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    14. @MrFjmg2003 Someone in my local doll group has a Vindoll and they are pretty freaking amazing. Just the difference in weight of the doll is surprising. They are tempting but fortunately nobody is piping up that they are any of the sculpts. I'm not counting on that being a long-lasting thing though.
    15. Can anyone post or link to owner photos of Raguel with company faceup, either A or B (or both versions if possible)? Thank you.
    16. I saved saved and finally put in my order for a Vigor body! So happy and rather proud of myself for patiently putting the money away. Now to sit and wait till the shipment notice.

      Edit: does anyone have the link to the wait list, I didn't see it on the first post?
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    17. https://denofangels.com/threads/granado-dolls-waiting-room-v4.775981/

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    18. @PennyForTheGuy Congratulations on having the patience and the will power to not spend those savings! :whee:

      What do you all think of the new Zen body?

      Crocus seems to be really busy this year, so many new body sculpts..... I like the new thinner body, or what I see of it so far, and it looks like Zen might be Jane's brother or relative because theres a familiar resemblance there
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    19. I am sorely tempted by the teasers of the Zen body. I want to upgrade some of my boy's bodies and this one looks like a great one but I'll have to wait and see. The Vigor is just too big, I'm hoping the Zen may be a bit shorter too but it's the slenderness of the body I like.