Preorder ♥ merry doll round ♥ - Olathe & Fang in Cookie skin!

Dec 30, 2015

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      Olathe in Cookie skin

      Fang in Cookie Skin

      ♥ INFO ♥
      ~ Price: 615$ + shipping. Includes Olathe or Fang head + Komorebi body in Cookie skin color, cushions, box and certificate of authenticity. Payment is divided in two installments: First reservation payment (307.50$) and a second payment (307.50 + shipping costs) when the doll arrives from factory (about 2-3 months later).
      ~ Pre-order date: December 22th at 22:00 (GTM +1) to January 10th at 22:00 (GTM +1)

      Heads in Cookie skin won't be sold separately.

      ♥ QUESTIONS? ♥
      If you have any question, please email me to: [email protected]
      Private messages on DoA might not be answered, please e-mail me!

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