❁Feedback for Yoneku❁

Mar 17, 2017

    1. I usually don't sell stuff (yet), but because I'm pretty sure in the future I will, I'll make this a As Buyer and As Seller feedback thread<3
      • Feedback from Sellers, please put: (AB) At the start of your comment to let others know I bought something from you~
      • Feedback from Buyers, please put: (AS) at the start of your comment to let others know I sold you something~
      Thank you for you comments and stuff! How to improve and about my holds comments are highly appreciated!:chibi
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    2. (AB) what originally started out as just a sale for eyes on facebook turned into more sales to Yonekuu18. very pleasant in asking questions for what I had and knew what kind of shipping they wanted easily. they payed fast as soon as we knew the final price as I was showing them items I had yet to list. again very nice buyer. would sell to again.~
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    3. (AB) yonekuu18 is a very patient and sweet buyer. The transactions went very smoothly and she paid in a timely manner. I recommend doing business with her for sure!
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    4. (AB) One of the best transactions I've ever had selling in the community! Payment was sent in promptly and communication was fantastic. yonekuu18 was super patient throughout the process and I had loads of fun talking to her :D I would love to do business with her in the future!
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    5. (AB) yonekuu18 purchased a pair of pants + shoes from me and everything was very successful! She sent the payment quickly without any issues and was very quick to respond to messages. A great transaction!
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