Update ❋ToooMini❋ New Diamond Necklace for Dollfie Dream (Made-to-order)

Mar 1, 2016

    1. Hello everyone <3

      We have released new solitaire diamond necklace! :chibi(Yes, it's REAL diamond + K18 White Gold!)

      << Stardust >>
      (The torso, as scale reference, is Volks Dollfie Dream M bust. You may imagine how ”mini” it is.)

      Different from the solitaire necklace we had before, this new design is using prong setting, which more light that can pass through the diamond and make the diamond more brilliant.


      From the back side of the diamond, there is a cute little star!


      * The necklace in the photo is using excellent cut hearts & arrows diamond, but customer can choose normal excellent cut diamond too.

      There are some customization you can request:

      - Gold Colour: K18 White Gold (default) / Yellow Gold / Rose Gold

      - Diamond: Normal Excellent Cut (default) / H&A Cut (additional price)

      - Clasp part: With Clasp (default) / Without Clasp (lower price)

      * If it's worn by BJD made by resin, the clasp may make chain fall backward and look like a choker.

      Product page: 【Stardust】

      By the way, we are going to an international jewelry show to merchandise colour stones for making new jewellery tomorrow and the next day. :XD:

      If you want specific tiny gemstones (e.g. colour-change alexandrite, pink diamond, moonstone, synthetic ruby, super-tiny agate cameos... ) for making your dream doll jewelry, our buyer, a holder of FGA Gemmology Diploma, can try to get a bargain price for you. :thumbup Please let us know as soon as possible, or you may need to wait for the next chance.

      Sometimes...... rare gemstones can only be found once in a blue moon!

      We will have more tiny pendants and earrings coming soon. (mainly for 1/3~1/4 dolls)

      If you like tiny high quality jewelry, please follow us by instagram or facebook. ^ ^

      See you next time! :kitty1
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