New Doll 【 MyouDoll 】New 1/6 Dolls &1/4 girl & 1/4Babies (Event for new dolls *Stacy's Pink Ocean*)

Mar 10, 2016

    1. Hello, everyone!

      MyouDoll 5 new dolls are coming!! They are 1/6 dolls Ziyan and Sibyl (girl version and boy version),1/4 beautiful girl Bella,1/4 boby Xiaozuo and Xiaoyou(Two birds hahaha!)

      Event for new dolls

      Time:8th Mar. 2016-8th Apr. 2016

      1. If you buy one Myou new doll you will get 15% discount.
      2.If you buy Myou new dolls on Stacy's Pink Ocean,more than 4 dolls,you can get 20%discount.
      3.If you buy Myou new 1/4 can get a pair of extra hands and shoes(13USD) with the dolls.
      4.If you buy the 1/4 baby body,you will get 15% discount.

      Myoudoll:BJD MYOU DOLL
      Sale page on Stacy's Pink Ocean:

      We accept layaway,please tell us your layaway plan when you place your order.And pay through USD1( on Stacy's Pink Ocean.

      For more details, please visit our

      Thank you very much for your attention!

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