New Doll 【Aimerai】3 Big Baby Dolls -- Judy, Weedy and StarDust

Oct 9, 2016

    1. Hi, all the doll lovers~Here is Aimerai,
      So happy to introduce our 3 new Big Baby Dolls -- Judy, Weedy and StarDust~

      Judy&Weedy from Sugary Wonderland series




      Doll Measurements:

      - Height (with head): 40.5cm
      - Head Circumference: 22.1cm
      - Eyes: 18mm
      - Neck Circumference: 8.4cm
      - Shoulder Width: 6.7cm
      - Arm Length: 11.8cm
      - Chest Circumference: 19.2cm
      - Waist Circumference: 17.1cm
      - Hip Circumference: 22.3cm
      - Thigh Circumference: 12.7cm
      - Leg Length: 18.5cm
      - Foot Length: 5.7cm

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