Update 【Fenêtre de l'ame】4 Pair of resin eyes**STACY'S PINK OCEAN**

Jul 13, 2017

    1. New resin eyes.High quality! The airmail shipping fee will be free.

      Sale page:stacyspinkocean.com

      Thank you for your attention!
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    2. Beautiful. I wish they came smaller.
    3. The smallest size is 12mm.
    4. They're absolutely stunning! Are they going to be regularly stocked or are they limited? I really would like a pair, but I have to wait a bit before splurging on the resin kids..... again...
    5. Hi,take easy.The 4 pair of eyes are not limited.I will mark them if the eyes are limited in the future.We will update a pair of limited eyes in the end of this month.^^