Preorder 【Lost Chronicles】NEW 1/3 Head Sculpture: Allurial

Sep 12, 2020

    1. Hello, This is Inordi Hearts.

      NEW 1/3 head sculpture, Allurial
      Official Pre-order date: September 14 to October 18, 2020
      This is a one time release, better check them out now .
      This head can be ordered with Aphelion Doll】Resin Eyes

      3 Resin colors: White, Normal, Tan

      20.3 cm Head Circumference
      9.5 cm Neck Circumference
      10 – 12 mm Eyes

      We look forward into your support! ❤
      **Official faceup will be uploaded soon, Stay tuned! ~
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    2. What tans match this doll?
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    3. Hello dear~ as of now, the only 100% for this head is FDoll, color #14 (FDoll), which is similar to chocolate color. Other bjd bodies close to it is ok but we cannot do resin match for it~

      Here, we're showing you more photo reference for Lost Chronicles' tan color. Thank you very much!

      Link 1
      Link 2
      Link 3
      Link 4
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