New Company 【METIS Dolls】Two Supermodel Dolls-Molly and Erin(Special Event)**Stacy's Pink Ocean**

Aug 13, 2019

    1. Hello!
      Allow me to introduce a new BJD brand to you—METIS DOLL. The artist is a Chinese girl.She has been working on her supermodel dolls for 4 years.She put so much effort into them, hope you like them too.
      She created two dolls-Erin and Molly.I think that they are so wonderful and charming!
      Skin colors: White; Chocolate(black)
      Feet styles: Normal; Super high heel; High heel; Ballet (four types are all included in the price)

      To celebrate the coming of METIS DOLL into Stacy's Pink Ocean website,special discount is underway.

      Event:If you purchase the doll,you can get 12% OFF.




      Sale page:Molly-43cm Girl
      Erin-43cm Girl

      Thanks for attention!

      We accept layaway.

      For more details, please visit our or contact us.

      Thank you very much for your attention!
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