Limited Items 【Miracledoll】A Final Sale—The Last 15 VIC (Type 2)Heads**STACY'S PINK OCEAN**

Jun 24, 2017

    1. Hi everyone.If you know Miracledoll.Do you remember Vic?Now the studio reinvented him as a total different look for the final sale,and the artist inproved his forehead and eyes.This is your last chance to get him.There are only 15 heads for our customers worldwide(Only on Stacy's Pink Ocean).
      The delivery time is around 2 months and 4 months with the face-up.
      If you would like the whole doll,please let us know.^^


      Sale period:June 25th, 2017 ~ July 1th. 2017

      Sale page:Vic

      We accept layaway.Please let us know how long you need.

      Thank you for your attention!

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    2. I forgot to tell you that if you buy the whole doll,his body is Miracledoll new 68cm boy body.