New Doll 【Miracledoll】New 68cm Boy Body & Price Adjustment Notice &Event*Stacy's Pink Ocean*

Sep 30, 2017

    1. Hi,The artist of Miracledoll studio created 68cm boy body to replace the 65cm boy body.The body is leaner,longer, more defined.Because the price of 68cm body is higher.the whole doll will rise in price after oct.20.

      Sep. 30 ~Oct.20
      During the period,you can buy the 68cm body at the old price of 65cm body . If you buy the 1/3 whole doll,you can enjoy 10% discount of the old price of the doll .
      You only get one shot.Don't miss it.^^

      68cm body

      Sale page:Miracledoll 68cm Boy Body -

      Miracledoll 68cm boys




      68cm dolls sale page:
      Please visit our website for more detail and information!

      We accept layaway.

      Thank you for your attention!
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    2. Will the new body replace the old one, or you'll still be able to choose which one you want?
    3. Is there more info on layaway conditions anywhere? Lengths offered/initial deposit percentage/ect?
    4. Hi,because the quality of 68cm body is higher than the old body.The 65cm body is discontinued.If you buy the doll,you only can get the new body.^^
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    5. The longest time is 12 months.The initial deposit should be more than 20%.In fact,If you have your own request,please contact us.If we feel acceptable,that's no problem.^^
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