New Doll 【Miracledoll】New 68cm Dolls Miaoyin & Miaosheng & New Year Event!*Stacy's Pink Ocean*

Dec 29, 2017

    1. Hello, Everyone, happy new year!
      Miracledoll released two wonderful dolls.I hope you like them.




      Sale page:
      Miaoyin whole doll,Miaoyin head,Miaosheng whole doll,Miaosheng head.

      New Year Event
      We are holding a short time event to celebrate New Year:
      Time: December 28, 2017 - January 26, 2018

      1.Head and clothes:10% off. Whole doll:15% off.
      2.Purchsing Miracledoll doll ≥ USD870,will get a free gift 1/4 doll.You can choose which 1/4 doll yourself.
      3.Purchsing Miracledoll doll ≥ USD630,will get a random head or a pet.You can choose it yourself.
      4.Purchsing Miracledoll doll ≥ USD390,will get a random Miracledoll accessories.You can choose it yourself.


      For more details, please visit our
      We accept layaway,please contact us if you want to do layaway.
      Thank you. have a nice day!
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    2. Does the mask come with the cat head.
    3. Is there any blank pictures of Miaoyin's head?
    4. No,you also can choose the mask for Luosheng.^^
    5. [​IMG]
      You can see more pictures in the sale page.
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