New Doll 【Miracledoll】New Dolls -YanXi Dragon (10% Off)

Feb 26, 2019

    1. Hi,the two dolls are both what I love!I can't do anything but recommend them to you.I hope you love them too.^^

      If you purchase them before March 10,you can get 10% discount.

      YanXi Dragon 62cm Doll(dragon body)

      Sale page:YanXi Dragon 62cm Doll(dragon body)-Miracledoll -

      YanXi Dragon 1/6 special doll(human-being body)

      Sale page:YanXi Dragon 1/6 special doll(human-being body)-Miracledoll -


      You can do a layaway.Please contact us if you need it after you place your order.
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    2. Are there any pictures of the 1/6 human body? I assume it isnt their YoSD body, so it must be a new one?
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    3. [​IMG]

      This is 1/6 new special body.
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