Event 【MYOU DOLL】Autumn Event 2018

Sep 20, 2018

    1. Hello, everyone,

      Thank you for your love to Myou Doll.

      Myou Doll Autumn Event is coming:

      1. Purchase Myou Doll during event time, will get 15% Off discount ( Not include separate accessories order and shipping fee);

      2. New dolls Coming Soon:

      1/4 Girl New Body type: 1/4 Girl body - 3 ;

      1/4 Boy New Body type: 1/4 Boy body - 2.

      3. Event time: 25th Sept 2018 -- 25th Oct 2018

      Thank you very much!

      Questions, please email us by [email protected];
      Order Form :
      1. Order Doll Name, Skin Color, Quantity;

      (Note: 1/4 Girl please specify body type-1 or body type-2 ; (2 part / 3-part torso, S /L Brest ;

      Big Baby please specify origin / pear body ; Large / Small fee;

      1/8 doll please specify 1-part body or 2-part body)

      2. Makeup request or other accessories request;

      3. Your paypal email to receive payment invoice ;

      4. Shipping address :

      Receiver Name:





      Post Code:


      MYOU DOLL Team
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    2. Hello, when will the new girl body be released please? And is it more like the aesthetics of the curvy body you have already but double jointed?

      Thanks :)
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    3. Will the new bodies be available for the event? I'm very excited to see what they look like!
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    4. The new dolls will be coming soon ^^
    5. The new dolls will be coming soon ^^
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    6. Will you be posting the new bodies up before the event??
    7. We will be releasing new bodies and dolls together around beginning of October.
      Thank you a lot for your interests.
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