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【Ringdoll】 The limited Red King is released!

Nov 18, 2016

    1. Share this post on your Facebook before Jan.7th,2017 and send the screenshot to [email protected], you can get 20USD off for your shipping.Click here to share:Share this post on your Facebook before... - Ringdoll Ball Jointed Dolls | Facebook
      As new member of Ringdoll Alice99 series,The limited Red King comes with two versions with limited quantity:
      Retro Version(50 sets): RingDoll
      Shimmering Version(20 sets):RingDoll

      The Red King Release Event
      1.12/26/2016-01/10/2017,order limited fullset(one of the two versions),can get his blank head RGM36 for free;
      2.01/11/2017-01/31/2017,order limited fullset(one of the two versions),can add his blank head RGM36 with 15% off;
      3.Order limited fullset(one of the two versions),can add his crown&chest armor(Rot111 or Rot112) of the other version with 10% off,which is only available for orders placed directly via Ringdoll.

      1.Body and resin color in pictures: RGMbody-3, normal skin;
      2.Head for limited fullset RGM36.SP(with mohair wig glued by hand);
      The head can not be changed with another wig.You are suggested to add his blank head RGM36 to your fullset order for more wig options.
      3.Head for basic doll:RGM36;
      4.Skin option:normal,white;Body option:RGMbody-01/02/03/04;
      5.Blank head RGM36 and crown&chest armor Rot111 or Rot112 are only available for those who order limited fullset,pls email to [email protected] for more.
      6.Due to the crown&chest armor,the shipping will be more costly.
      7.Layaway is acceptable.Please email to [email protected] for more.

      pls contact:[email protected]

      #1 Robert, Nov 18, 2016
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    2. #ringdoll# preview of upcoming Red King
      Some people said wanna see his face.Here it is!
      His wig is so awesome,isn't it?
      The artist is still struggling between two different coloring plan for the crown and chest armor,so grey molding again this time.
      Important tip:The crown and chest armor in pictures are not final effect.
      The Red King will be released this December.Please do sharing if you like.
      #2 Robert, Nov 29, 2016
      Last edited: Dec 22, 2016
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    3. Is he a limited edition?
    4. Will he be a time limited or quantity? Would a basic version be available?
    5. Dear LORD is this bad boy beautiful! I also want to know wheter or not he's limited?! I want him so much, but i won't be able to afford him in december :O

      oh lordy lordy lord :D
    6. Will the wig pictured be the exact same type as what will be included in the fullest? Or will a different similar wig be sent???
    7. Hello.Yes,he is a limited edition.

      He will be a limited edition.The details is not known yet,such as time limited or quantity limited,basic doll is available or not.

      Yes,the wig in the fullset will be the same type in the pictures then.
      #7 Robert, Dec 1, 2016
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    8. Any idea as to when he will be released? I will be buying him for my husband.
    9. Hello,dear.He will be released on Dec.26th.
    10. Here comes the final effect for the Red King’ s crown(one of two crwon versions).
      As shows in the video,the crown is shinning with breathing light used inside.
      The final one comes so late because it is really tough to make the crown transparent at all angles. What we wanted to achieve is the crown shines translucently and evenly,but bjd accessory is too small to make it.Our artists had kept working on it for months, with fix and tests over and over again in workshop,and eventually achieve the effect.

      It looks so amazing,isn’t it?

      The Red King is coming this Christmas.
      Please follow it.

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    11. #ringdoll# the Red King

      Q:So it is what his final edition looks like?
      Q:Is he a limited edition?
      Q:Will he be a time limited or quantity?
      A:Quantity limited.
      Q:He is said to have two versions?
      A:Yes,retro version and shimmering version.
      Q:When will he be released?
      Q:Can his crown and chest armor be purchased separately?
      A:They are only available for those who order his limited fullset.
      Q:Will there be a release event for him then?
      Q:Ringdoll Christmas Event is also available for him?

      #11 Robert, Dec 23, 2016
      Last edited: Dec 26, 2016
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    12. Update:360 degree video of Ringdoll unique limited the Red King
      the music in the video is : ある魔法使いの生涯 - 光田康典
      #12 Robert, Dec 30, 2016
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